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Meiyad Metaverse Immersive Cave-R XR LED Screen Solution


Next Generation CAVE-R Metaverse Immersive Solution

The traditional generation CAVE immersive screen only viewing from single  viewing angle, the next generation one could seeing from different viewing angle.

Old CAVE Display Technology the Latest CAVE-R LED Display Technology

                                        Old CAVE Display Technology                                                                                             the Latest CAVE-R LED Display Technology

The traditional generation Cave immersive screen to show the immersive effective by 4 sides/5 sides/6 sides LED screen. By using the min pixel pitch and newly developed LED technology CNC+GOB, Meiyad Next Generation CAVE-R XR LED Screen could be dancing floor for display, CAVE-R with curve and cylinder shape, the audience can be immersed in to a realistic VR environment, and got immersed auto-stereoscopy 3D effective from any viewing angle, it solves the problem of traditional CAVE immersive viewing from a single Angle.

Virtual production XR technology iteration

Green Screen LED1.0 generation: rental cabinet+vertical curve LED2.0 generation: Fully customized made, without curve gap

                                Green Screen                                                     LED1.0 generation: rental cabinet+vertical curve             LED2.0 generation: Fully customized made, without curve gap

Metaverse Immersive CAVE-R Advantages

1. high brightness, high refresh rate, good grey level.

2. XR LED screen curve length could be longer, the height could be higher.

3. Blue ocean products.

4. Irregular module design, the connection is smooth between wall and floor without any curve gap.

5. Compare with traditional rental XR screen, the video no need special cut,  and could diplay as usual for video join.

6. Double immersive feeling from different viewing angle and deeply restore the immersive auto-stereoscopy 3D effect.

7. Support 8K active 3D effect, 16K immersive ultra-high resolution.

Metaverse Immersive CAVE-R Shape

No Ceiling Design with Ceiling Design

                                                        No Ceiling Design                                                                                                                      with Ceiling Design

Normal control system topological graph

Normal control system topological graph

XR virtual shooting control system topological graph

XR virtual shooting control system topological graph

XR virtual production equipment

XR virtual production equipment

Metaverse Immersive CAVE-R Application

Virtual Production:

Virtual Production with immersive LED CAVE

Virtual Production with immersive LED CAVE refers to the innovative shooting method provided for fields such as film production and advertising photography by using LED displays to create an immersive space combined with virtual reality technology. This application can create highly realistic virtual scenes, allowing actors and photographers to feel as if they are in a real, three-dimensional shooting environment.

The immersive LED CAVE application for virtual production has brought about revolutionary changes in fields such as film production and advertising photography. It not only enhances the efficiency and precision of shooting but also reduces shooting costs, providing creators with more creative space and possibilities. With the continuous development and improvement of technology, this application method will be more widely used and promoted in the field of film production.

City Exhibition

Metaverse XR Immersive CAVE-R LED screen,show the urban blueprint,the audience can be immersed in to a realistic urban future blue print environment; by using the newly developed LED technology, the city exhibition immersive LED CAVE-R is update and iteration. For example, with stereoscopy 3D and AR technology, the screen give the audience more shake and realized viewing experience.  At the meanwhile, with the smart interactive technology, the audience could interact with exhibit content, to get more engagement and sense of experience.

Virtual Turism

Metaverse Immersive CAVE-R,show place of interesting, historical occasion,folk custom etc, the audience can be immersed in to a realistic history and exoticism. For example, with CAVE technology, we could recover ancient life sense,let’s learn more info of history, we also could show beautiful scenery and culture, attract more tourists to come and experience.


In the guidance of autistic children, the CAVE immersive system has potential application value. This system creates a fully immersive virtual environment for users by combining advanced technologies such as high-resolution stereoscopic imaging, computer graphics processing, high-fidelity sound field reproduction, spatial positioning and motion capture systems, tactile feedback systems, and odor simulators.

For autistic children, they often face difficulties in social interaction and communication. The CAVE immersive system can provide a safe and controllable environment for them to gradually adapt to and learn social interaction. For example, by simulating real social scenarios such as home and school environments, autistic children can engage in interactive learning in this virtual environment, thereby improving their social skills.

In addition, the CAVE immersive system can also combine virtual reality technology to provide autistic children with learning strategies for emotional control and relaxation. For example, by simulating seasonal changes and interacting with virtual characters, children can learn to control emotions and improve emotional management skills. This customized virtual environment for autistic children can provide personalized support and guidance, serving as an effective auxiliary tool for the development of their social skills and emotional management abilities.

Immersive lighting and shadow

Immersive lighting and shadow have extensive applications across various fields such as art exhibitions, light shows, and live performances. In art exhibitions, the use of LED immersive CAVE applications for immersive lighting and shadow can present artworks to the audience in a completely new way. Through the manipulation of lighting and the rendering of colors, artworks become more vivid and three-dimensional, offering viewers a fresh visual experience.

In light shows and live performances, this application method can create various dreamlike and aesthetic scenes through the projection and transformation of lighting and shadow, immersing the audience in a fantastic world of light and shadow.

Additionally, LED immersive CAVE applications for immersive lighting and shadow can integrate multimedia elements such as sound, lighting, and fog, providing viewers with a more comprehensive and immersive sensory experience. Furthermore, by introducing interactive devices, viewers can engage with the projected images, participating in the interpretation of light and shadow, thereby enhancing their sense of involvement and immersion.

Virtual teaching

The LED immersive CAVE-R application in virtual teaching refers to the creation of an immersive educational environment using LED displays and virtual reality technology, providing students with a more intuitive and vivid learning experience. This application has wide prospects in the field of education, particularly in natural sciences, language learning, vocational training, and others.

Firstly, in natural science education, the LED immersive CAVE application can create a virtual natural environment such as forests, oceans, or space. Students can enter a virtual cave through immersive teaching to explore different geological features, flora and fauna, and the workings of ecosystems. They can experience phenomena like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other natural occurrences to gain a deeper understanding of natural science concepts. This application not only increases students' interest and engagement in learning but also helps cultivate their observation skills and practical abilities.

Additionally, in vocational training, the LED immersive CAVE application can play a crucial role. For instance, in fields like medicine, aviation, architecture, etc., students can engage in practical operations and scenario simulations in a virtual environment to enhance their skills and ability to handle complex situations. This application not only improves the effectiveness and quality of training but also reduces training costs and risks.

Live sports broadcasting

In live sports broadcasting, the immersive CAVE-R in the metaverse offers a completely new immersive experience, combining high-resolution stereoscopic imaging and other technologies to make viewers feel as if they are on the scene. It provides a variety of perspective choices, such as the first-person perspective of players, to meet the personalized needs of the audience. Viewers can actively participate and interact in real-time, engaging with virtual hosts to enhance their sense of involvement. Additionally, personalized live spaces can be created to enhance viewer loyalty and engagement. With the development of metaverse technology, immersive CAVE-R experiences in the metaverse are set to become an important direction for live sports broadcasting.

Digital Humans + Character Simulation

The immersive Virtual Production with immersive LED CAVE application integrating digital humans with character simulation is an advanced technology fusion that brings forth a completely new interactive experience across multiple domains. This application combines digital human technology, character simulation technology, and LED immersive CAVE technology to create a highly realistic and immersive virtual environment for users.

Digital human technology utilizes deep learning, neural networks, and other methods to simulate real human behavior, movements, and expressions, guiding user interaction as virtual characters within the immersive LED CAVE environment. Character simulation technology enhances the realism and fluidity of digital humans, increasing user immersion and engagement. This integration holds wide application prospects in education, training, exhibitions, entertainment, and other fields, such as virtual teaching, exhibition experiences, and training simulations.

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