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XR LED Screen Solution

XR VIDEO WALL, LED Wall for XR Stage and Virtual Production. Green screen and blue screen are widely used in various film and TV commercial productions for years. However, there are some limitations involved. It is extremely hard for actors, directors and crews to work with the green screen sometime.

LED Screen For Virtual Production

Virtual production uses various devices and software to mix computer graphics and live action footage in real time. Rendered 3D environment can be displayed on the LED screen or the LED backdrop. Say goodbye to the traditional green screen and the costly location shooting.

Meiyad XR LED Screen Solution
Benefits of XR LED Wall

An immersive production environment where actors can interact with the visible scene. Greatly reduce the cost and time involved in both location shooting and post production. Rendered background reduces time constraint. Sunset scene can take place regardless of the real time.

virtual unreal xr led wall
Types of XR LED Wall

XR LED Walls are customizable. Various installations and setups to meet your unique requirements, such as curve LED wall, corner LED wall and ceiling LED. XR LED Displays are widely used in Filmmaking & TV Production, Commercial Production and Broadcast Studio.

virtual unreal led wall
Create an Immersive Production Environment
Replacing traditional green screen with the XR LED Wall
helps advertisers and directors to deliver creative contents to their audiences.

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