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Meiyad Sphere LED Display

360° viewing angle, all-round display.
Bring a fresh visual experience to make your ads more engaging!

Diameter & Pixel Pitch: Customizable!

When you think of installing bizarre video screens in luxury hotels or shopping malls,
performing 3D dynamic video demonstrations in airports, museums, planetariums, etc., a customized LED Ball is an excellent choice.

Bringing More Attention

Sphere led display would attract much more attention and bring more ROI for advertisers. This is a trend in the near future. Let us look forward to this.

Wide Application

Sphere LED Screen is perfect for creative design & solution,
which is for bar, nightclub, show, stadium, shopping mall, conference room, events, exhibitions etc..

  • Hotel
  • Stage rental
  • TV
  • Large market
  • Playground
  • More
Replace Traditional Advertising Media Tools

Sphere led display is different from the traditional led display
and has a unique 360-degree spherical appearance.
Due to its unique design and visibility in any direction,
it stands out among various led displays.

spherical led display screen led ball
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