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Meiyad HD Pixel Pitch LED Display

Seamless connection, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, 16 bit high grey level. Ergonomic design, aspect & resolution ratio 16:9.

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Thin And Light Weight

Each cabinet weighs only 5.8kg, and thickness only 43.5mm, can save the space for the installation.

16:9 And Seamless Connection

Each cabinet aspect ratio 16:9,easy to reach 2K、4K、8K HD requirements.
Hight precision CNC fabrication, the cabinet precision is within 0.05mm,seamless assembly.

Full Front Access Service

Cabinet / module / power supply / receiving card / hub board,
all are with full front access service, so could be disassemble super easily.

Multi Pixel Pitches For Options


Application Places

Ideal for auditorium, conference room, banquet hall and exhibition presentations, traffic, studio, command and monitor system.

  • Hotel
  • Stage rental
  • TV
  • Large market
  • Playground
  • More
High Refresh Rate

Meiyad HD pixel pitch led display has a 3840Hz refresh rate
which eliminates scan lines and flicker in your display on camera.

small pixel pitch led display
Product Name P1.266 P1.461 P1.583 P1.9 P2.53
Pixel Pitch 1.266mm 1.461mm 1.583mm 1.9mm 2.53mm
Module Size 304*114mm 304*114mm 304*114mm 304*114mm 304*114mm
Module Resolution (dots) 240*90 280*78 192*72 160*60 120*45
Cabinet Size 608*342mm 608*342mm 608*342mm 608*342mm 608*342mm
Cabinet Resolution (dots) 480*270 416*234 384*216 320*180 240*135
LED Configuration SMD1010 SMD1010 SMD1010 SMD1515 SMD2121
Brightness 300-800 cd/m2 300-800 cd/m2 300-800 cd/m2 300-800 cd/m2 300-800 cd/m2
Scanning Mode 30S 26S 24S 20S 15S
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