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Meiyad LED Scrolling Display Board

Meiyad is factory for led message board, led text display and led message sign.
Indoor p10 single color led display is our feature products, and get good feedbacks
from customers, hot sales in Turkey, Iran, India, etc.

Easy to Assemble

The modular structure shows that various sizes of products can be assembled arbitrarily and maintenance is very simple.

High Quality and Low Failure Rate

Control chips and components with high brand values guarantee low failure rate and high quality.

Long Lifespan and High Brightness

Large chip LED has high brightness and long lifespan and the lifespan can up to 100,000h.

Dozens of Display Mode

Single color indoor led display has dozens of display mode, move left and right, up and down, scroll, flicker, highlight etc.
Multiple colors to choose, red, green, blue, white, yellow.

Wide Application

Meiyad indoor Single Color led scrolling display can be used as indoor advertising, entertainment, and much more.

  • Hotel
  • Stage rental
  • TV
  • Large market
  • Playground
  • More
Easy to Maintenance

Single color led message board can be operated easily and conveniently.
Its contents can be changed and updated through RS232/RS485 serial port,
and USB communication, and then fixed to the plastic kit.

indoor single color led display
Product Name P10 1R P10 1W P10 1B P10 1G P10 1R1G
Pixel Pitch 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm
Pixel Density 10000pixel/m2 10000pixel/m2 10000pixel/m2 10000pixel/m2 10000pixel/m2
Type Red White Blue Green Bi-color
Module Resolution (dots) 32*16 32*16 32*16 32*16 32*16
Module Size(mm) 320*160 320*160 320*160 320*160 320*160
Pixel Configuration 1R 1W 1B 1G 1R 1G
Lamp Type DIP546 DIP546 DIP546 DIP546 DIP546
Scan Mode 1/4S 1/4S 1/4S 1/4S 1/4S
Drive Mode Constant voltage Constant voltage Constant voltage 200 200
Flat Cable(mm) 200 200 200 200 200
Power Cable(mm) 200 200 200 Constant voltage Constant voltage
Brightness 2000cd/㎡ 8800cd/㎡ 1100cd/㎡ 4400cd/㎡ 6600cd/㎡
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