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Naked-eye 3D LED Screen Solution

Meiyad provides a one-stop professional naked-eye 3D led display screen solution including led video walls and 3D broadcasting content customization. With years of led display experience, Meiyad has patented seamless curved surface led display technology, which contributes to perfect carriers for 3D delivery without glasses.

Professional 3D LED Display

Patented seamless curved corner led billboard, ultra-high contrast light-absorbing mask, fully waterproof cabinet, all is to facilitate stunning 3D rendering. Meiyad has cracked the code of best proportion formula of glasses-free 3D led display screen to present optimal visual illusion of 3D effect.

Naked-eye 3D LED Screen Solution
Facilitate the Building of Large-scale Designs

Creative led products further facilitate the building of large-scale designs as they can be spaced apart at various intervals making the modules a cost-effective solution for extremely large applications.

Naked-eye 3D LED Video Wall
Increase Brand Value

3D outdoor advertising can not only spread the brand, but also use artistic content to establish a brand image, thereby increasing brand value. 3D led screen can transform the building into a landmark combining art and technology.

3d outdoor advertising led display screen billboard
Leading the New Direction of Technology
3D LED display is a new breakthrough in the field of outdoor display,
and the interactive 3D display is also the direction of future screen development.

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