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Creative LED Display Solution

LED screens now go beyond flat in traditional aspect ratios with revolutionary new led products that take your creativity to the next level. A new trend has emerged in the market with a variety of small size and shape LED products. These creative products allow for intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backgrounds of any form, shape and size while also displaying logos or full motion video.

Art Works or Landmarks

Creative led display is a beautiful display of art works or landmarks, based on the building or landscape, created with LED pixels, original ideas and culture for origin, showing self-confidence, hopes and dreams as purpose to highlight harmonious visual culture full of unique personality.

Creative LED Display Solution
Facilitate the Building of Large-scale Designs

Creative led products further facilitate the building of large-scale designs as they can be spaced apart at various intervals making the modules a cost-effective solution for extremely large applications.

Creative LED Screen Solution

Widely used in museums, planetariums, science museums, children's palace, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, lounges, hotels, large open spaces, train stations, ports, shopping malls, bars and other places.

Customized LED Screen
Brings the Revolution of LED Field
Highlight personality culture, advanced led display technology, achieve the city landmark.

Meiyad developed the flexible led screen / customized led display/ triangle led display/ circular led display/ led donut in the led industry, and got lots of patents for design and technology. With our strong R&D team, as well as creative and innovative ideas for different shapes of LED displays, a series of various creative led display products come out, such as led christmas tree, led can display etc.
This brings the revolution of led field, and gives the led industry more possibilities and passions.

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