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TV Studio LED Display Solution

Installing LED in a broadcast situation is very different to any other application. The biggest issue to resolve is the Moiré pattern that can be seen through the camera. Meiyad has developed this visualization solution to resolve the Moiré issues. The result is a true technological advancement in the use of LED, creating a ‘broadcast’ LED backdrop solution that utilizes specialist diffusers on the LED tiles to eliminate Moiré pattern and loss of saturation during camera panning.

Slim & Sleek Design

With its slim, sleek design, the Meiyad TV studio led display, enables displays to be created in any shape or size and is ideal for installation in TV studios.

TV Studio LED Display Solution
The Smaller Pixel Pitch the Better

Pixel pitch is the distance between every two neighboring pixels in an led display. The smaller of the pixel pitch, the more pixels on per unit area, the higher resolution you get, the closer shooting distance. Of course, its price is also more expensive.

TV Studio LED Screen Solution
Meiyad TV Studio LED Display Offers Many Benefits

Such as unequalled brightness and extreme viewing angles, a slim modular design, ultimate system reliability and true color reproduction & authentic video quality.

TV Studio LED Wall Solution
Shooting Distance Should Be Suitable
As we know, the led displays with different pixel pitch, different filling factor, suitable shooting distance is not the same.

Take the 3 mm pixel pitch led display with filling factor of 60% for example, distance between the background led display and compere(or other people or stuff) should be 3m or more, then you can get a relatively good background. If the compere is too close to the background led display, the background led display will appear grainy, and also water ripples.

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