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Meiyad Circular LED Display

Truly colorful screen, 360°view angle, all-round display.
Sleek design, seamless assembly, make your advertising attractive.

Various Pitch and Flexible Sizes

We have various pitch options for our round led screen.
It's also flexible size available for our modular design.

Art LED Display

Round shape led display is the combine of the led display and the art aesthetic.

Realize Your Eye-catching Design

Meiyad's circle round led screen is perfectly integrated with the wine barrel,
making red wine advertising more attractive.

Multiple Installation As You Wish

Ultra wide reviewing angles, brings you excellent visual experience.

Wide Application

Round/circle LED display is perfect for creative design & solution,
such as retail advertising, exhibitions, stage background, DJ booth, events, bars and etc.

  • Hotel
  • Stage rental
  • TV
  • Large market
  • Playground
  • More
Adjustable Brightness

Adjustable brightness with professional technology and equipments,
will not sacrifice the gray scale and the signal quality.

circular led module
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