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Meiyad Presents Creative LED Displays at InfoComm 2024


On June 12th, InfoComm 2024, the largest professional audiovisual event in the United States, opened grandly at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

InfoComm 2024

Meiyad focuses on the innovative development of flexible LED screens and special-shaped customized LED screens.

Meiyad in InfoComm 2024

Meiyad showcased several products at the exhibition, including the P1.5625 COB flexible all-in-one LED display, the P2 pop can LED screen, and the P2.5 alphabet LED screen. These creative LED display products and solutions shone brightly at the exhibition, attracting numerous customers.

Meiyad in InfoComm 2024

Meiyad COB flexible curved all-in-one LED screen, using COB 1.5625mm pitch, 135-inch curved display, customizable 108”/135”/163”. Supports HDR high-width dynamic image quality, 2K/4K resolution, 3840Hz refresh, high contrast, wireless projection function, suitable for mid-to-high-end conference rooms. This product is the first COB curved all-in-one machine in the industry, breaking the traditional straight-face display. Meiyad will lead the era of smart conference 3.0.

Meiyad COB flexible curved all-in-one LED screen

The creative pop can led screen adopts 2mm pixel pitch, with a height of 1.24m and a diameter of 0.71m. The overall shape looks like a pop can, which is suitable for use at event sites, exhibitions, and promotion meetings. This product is not only unique in design, but also shows unparalleled advantages in actual use, which has attracted great attention from industry insiders.

Meiyad pop can led screen

The alphabet LED screen adopts 2.5mm pixel pitch, the height is 520mm, the base is 160mm. Using GOB technology, which is waterproof and dustproof. It supports 26 alphabets and special symbol customization, standardized products, DIY alphabets. Sold individually, and can be used in chain stores, clothing stores, and event performances.

Meiyad P2.5 alphabet LED screen

As a leading creative LED display technology company, Meiyad showcased its cutting-edge products and solutions at this international exhibition. Meiyad attracted widespread attention with its innovative design and technological highlights, and attracted many overseas visitors, who came to consult and negotiate in an endless stream.

Meiyad in InfoComm 2024

Meiyad in InfoComm 2024

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