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Meiyad Won 4 Immersive Product Awards, A Wonderful Review of the Metaverse Expo


From May 10th to May 12th, 2024, a Metaverse business event covering multiple fields such as Metaverse terminal display, digital entertainment, digital art, digital sports, digital multimedia exhibition design, digital exhibition halls, science and technology cultural tourism, night tour performances, immersion and other fields--It ended at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition scale of this expo is about 20,000 square meters, and nearly 300 companies compete on the same stage. On the first day, it attracted more than 30,000+ professional visitors to the site to negotiate purchases and look for business opportunities.

2024 Metaverse Expo

Shenzhen Meiyad Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. demonstrated the application scenario solution of the immersive CAVE-R large screen to the visitors. The traditional CAVE (50-fold screen/60-fold screen) technology has been upgraded to CAVE-R display technology, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in a more realistic VR environment.

Continuous innovation, Meiyad immersive CAVE-R won the "Metaverse Multiple Awards"

The 2024 Ten Thousand People Ceremony Awards Ceremony held on the afternoon of May 10, 2024, was the first time to award awards to companies in the Metaverse field that have obvious technological advantages, strong strength, or are just emerging, with outstanding performance, innovative awareness, and investment value.

The organizing committee and selection committee have jointly reviewed and selected the winners of this "2024 Thousand People Ceremony Award Ceremony". Meiyad won the "Metaverse VR/AR/MR/XR Excellent Hardware Award", "Excellent Digital Display Product Award", "Excellent Immersive Visual Solution Award" and "Excellent Creative Design Display Award". These awards are recognition of Meiyad’s innovative capabilities and interactive technology in the metaverse, as well as Meiyad's outstanding influence in the metaverse industry.

Meiyad immersive CAVE-R won the

The crowd is crowded, and the Meiyad CAVE-R XR LED screen provides the audience with an immersive experience of the metaverse

At the Canton Fair Complex, Area B, Hall 10.1-B502, Meiyad’s immersive CAVE-R XR LED screen brought visitors a variety of services including city exhibition halls, cultural and tourism interaction, immersive light and shadow, psychological rehabilitation, virtual shooting, virtual teaching, VR/3D real-time application solutions for live events, exhibitions, real estate and other industries.

Many viewers said that the active 3D effect of the immersive CAVE-R XR LED screen brought powerful visual impact and immersive experience. They can integrate into the virtual immersive space by wearing glasses, which also gives them a deeper understanding and expectation of the development and application of the Metaverse.

Meiyad in 2024 Metaverse Expo

The exhibition has come to an end, keep moving forward and have a promising future

The Metaverse expo comes to an end, and a new path begins! Meiyad will continue to be guided by market demand and product innovation as the internal driving force, and continue to carry out technological innovation and product iteration to create higher value for global customers!

Meiyad in 2024 Metaverse Expo

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