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First Day of Metaverse Expo, Meiyad CAVE-R Immersive XR LED Screen Shines Throughout the Venue!


2024 Digital Signage & Metaverse Ecology Expo

The Digital Signage & Metaverse Ecology Expo, organized by Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Virtual Reality Industry Association, is held annually from May 10th to 12th at the Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center. It serves as a professional trade platform across industries such as the metaverse, digital display, digital cultural tourism, digital art, digital sports, scene design, animation games, and trendy toys, covering the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.

Meiyad in 2024 Digital Signage & Metaverse Ecology Expo

Shenzhen Meiyad Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. focuses on innovative development in the field of flexible LED screens and irregular customized LED screens. Meiyad independently develops a full range of flexible LED screen products and is the first company in the flexible screen industry to break through the 1.5mm pixel pitch. By integrating flexible technology and nano-coating technology, it has developed the XR-Immersive Virtual Interactive Experience Space, redefining the immersive form with the new standard "Curved CAVE". Meiyad adheres to the development concept of "continuous innovation," committed to promoting the continuous development of flexible LED screen technology and maintaining a leading position in the industry.

Metaverse Expo On-Site

On the first day of the expo, Meiyad attracted numerous attention and crowds flooded the venue. The booth was constantly inquired, becoming the focus of many exhibitors and visitors!

Meiyad in 2024 Digital Signage & Metaverse Ecology Expo

Meiyad in 2024 Digital Signage & Metaverse Ecology Expo

Meiyad in 2024 Digital Signage & Metaverse Ecology Expo

Elite Exchange, Cutting-Edge Product Negotiations

With its outstanding brand influence and R&D capability to innovate products, Meiyad successfully attracted customers from all over the world to the expo, appreciating its exhibits and discussing project application solutions.

Meiyad in 2024 Digital Signage & Metaverse Ecology Expo

Meiyad in 2024 Digital Signage & Metaverse Ecology Expo

Meiyad in 2024 Digital Signage & Metaverse Ecology Expo

Immersive CAVE-R XR LED Screen Solution

Traditional CAVE-R achieves immersive effects through (four-fold screens/five-fold screens/six-fold screens), while Meiyad's new CAVE-R XR LED screen display technology adopts the industry's smallest pitch P1.5 irregular soft LED module design. The floor tiles adopt CNC+GOB technology and can be used as floor tile displays, far surpassing similar products in the industry.

CAVE-R display technology creates an immersive VR environment through curved and cylindrical shapes, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in a lifelike VR environment from any angle and solving the problem of single-angle immersive viewing in traditional CAVE.

Advantages of CAVE-R Immersive XR LED Screen

As an important application of metaverse immersive technology, the design of CAVE-R embodies the perfect combination of advanced technology and art. It aims to provide users with a seamless and multidimensional immersive space, bringing users a comprehensive immersive experience. Its advantages include high brightness, high refresh rate, good grayscale, extended curvature of XR products, unlimited heightening, irregular module design, perfect transition of bottom curvature corners, support for 8K ultra-high resolution, active 3D effect solutions, and more, leading the industry.

Application Scenarios of CAVE-R Immersive XR LED Screen

Metaverse immersive CAVE-R can be applied in urban exhibition halls, cultural tourism interaction, immersive light and shadow, psychological rehabilitation, virtual shooting, virtual teaching, live broadcasting of events, exhibition displays, and other application scenarios.

Shenzhen Meiyad Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to "innovation shaping the future" since its inception, growing and progressing amidst the ever-changing waves. With "innovation" as our core philosophy, we not only explore endless possibilities in the metaverse field but also warmly welcome exhibitors from different industries to join us. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth at Hall B502, Area 10.1, of the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, to experience this important industry event together and make it a great success. We look forward to your participation, jointly witnessing and shaping the future.

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