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Debugging Skills and Precautions for Special-shaped Creative LED Screens


How to debug special-shaped led screen

Debugging preparation: Before debugging, it is necessary to connect the sending card and the computer. Note that a desktop computer requires a discrete graphics card, and a notebook requires a DVI output or HDMI output.

Install and debug software: install the graphics card driver on the corresponding computer, and operate according to the prompts.

Set the playback window of the special-shaped led screen: enter the setting interface, adjust the resolution parameters in the display mode to adjust the size of the playback window.

Intelligently set other parameters of the special-shaped creative led screen: enter the intelligent setting, you can adjust the display type, module information points, module data interface number, etc.

Set up the connection diagram: after setting the relevant parameters, you need to set up the connection diagram. It should be noted that the software settings of the special-shaped customized led screen are different from the connection diagram settings, which are more complicated. It is recommended to consult professionals.

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Precautions for installation of special-shaped customized led display

The selection of special-shaped creative led screens should be determined in combination with the usage scenarios. As we all know, special-shaped led screens can be used indoors or outdoors, and different application scenarios have different material requirements. It is recommended that the material and structure of the special-shaped led screen should be in line with the usage scene.

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To prevent light pollution. Nowadays, people are more and more concerned about environmental protection, and light pollution is also an important issue of environmental protection. Therefore, how to prevent light pollution should be considered during the installation and commissioning of special-shaped led display.

Regular maintenance is required. Special-shaped customized led screens are consumables and need continuous maintenance for their normal use. Therefore, when designing and installing special-shaped led screens, it is necessary to reserve channels for future maintenance to prevent problems before they happen.

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Application scenarios of special-shaped led screen

For stage performance: special-shaped creative led display and the scene are skillfully combined, which can bring different audio-visual experience to the audience, and special-shaped led screen can help the event scene to enhance the atmosphere.

For cultural squares: LED Display screens of different shapes are also a beautiful landscape when installed in major squares.

For municipal planning halls: special-shaped led screens are more prominent than normal led displays in conveying information and displaying, and are often seen in municipal planning halls.

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