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Related technologies of power supply for LED display


As one of the main equipment of LED display, LED power supply is playing an important role for LED display. Research data shows that more than 80% of failures are caused by power supply. LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor use, let us take a look at the relevant technical parameters of the dedicated power supply for LED display!

Power supply type of LED display power supply

Generally speaking, when choosing a LED display power supply, you should choose a product with low output voltage and high current (such as: 5V/60A). So why this choice? This is because the working voltage of LED lamp beads is low. Generally, the working voltage of LED lamp beads is 2.8~3.3V for white; 1.8~2.2V for red; 3.0~3.2V for blue; 2.9~3.1V for green; 1.8~2.0V, so display manufacturers will choose 5V as the main power supply when designing and selecting standard power supply.

With the continuous development and innovation of LED technology, the efficiency of driver IC is also continuously improved. In the future, the power supply of LED display will be converted to 4.5V/4.2V.

How to choose a high-quality power supply?

First, we want to choose a power supply that looks good, which means that the array of components has excellent uniformity.

Second, check the efficiency of the power supply. The higher the efficiency, the less active power input.

Third, PFC. The PF value of the power supply without PFC function may be lower than 0.6. Low PF value will increase reactive power and cause huge power loss.

Fourth, we need to ensure that the power supply has excellent stability, which will affect the stability and working life of the LED display. It can be expressed by ripple and temperature rise, and a power supply with good stability must have low ripple and low temperature rise.

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