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Technical Principle of the Interactive Floor Tile LED Screen


The operation of the interactive floor tile led screen system first captures the foot movement of the target image (such as a participant) through the sensor chip of the floor tile led screen, and then analyzes the image and system to generate the motion of the captured person or object. The operation data is combined with the real-time image interactive system, so that the closely integrated real-time interactive effect will be produced between the participants and the interactive floor tile led screen.

Composition of interactive floor tile led screen

1. The signal acquisition part is used to capture and display according to the interaction requirements. The capture devices include sensor chips, video camcorders, camera, and so on.

2. The signal processing part, which analyzes the data collected in real time and connects the generated data with the virtual scene system.

3. In the imaging part, interactive materials and floor tile display devices are used to present the image at a specific position, and the floor tile led screen can be used as a carrier for interactive image display.

4. Auxiliary equipment, such as transmission lines, installation components, interactive main control, computer, engineering wiring audio devices, etc.

Meiyad interactive floor tile led screen

Technical analysis of different systems

The technologies used in the interactive floor tile led screen system include mixed virtual reality technology and motion capture technology, which is a further development of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is a technology that generates three-dimensional images through computers to display and interact with a three-dimensional space. Through mixed reality, users can also touch the real environment while manipulating virtual images, thereby enhancing the sensory and visual experience.

Features of interactive floor tile led screen system

1. Practicability: the system can meet various actual and potential functions and environmental needs, and can achieve satisfactory results.

2. Reliability: The system can provide long-term continuous operation, and is stable and reliable.

3. Advancement: the function and performance of the system have reached the advanced level of the same display system.

4. Persistence: high-quality, interactive main control acquisition and other equipment are selected to ensure that the display effect of the system remains unchanged for a long time.

5. Convenience: The adjustment and use of the system are simple and easy, the operation interface is easy to understand, the operation process is simple, and it can be operated and used after a short training.

6. Flexibility: The system has flexible hardware reconfiguration capabilities, and the dependence between each device is low. Part of the device can be replaced at any time according to the need without replacing all the devices. The system can be expanded at any time according to changes in requirements (installing multiple sets of interactive materials) without wasting original resources.

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