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How Is The Outdoor Transparent LED Screen Waterproof?


Outdoor transparent led screens should take into account the outdoor environment, and most of them must be waterproof, lightning-proof, and dust-proof when they leave the factory. The outdoor led transparent screen will also undergo multiple tests before leaving the factory to ensure that it reaches the protection level. So how does the transparent led screen achieve waterproof? What is the principle of waterproofing?

Due to the fact that outdoor transparent led screens will inevitably encounter bad weather during use, long-term rain will cause PCB boards, power supplies, power cords and other components to be easily oxidized and corroded, resulting in failures. So this requires us to do anti-corrosion treatment on the PCB board when producing, such as coating the surface with three anti-paints, etc., and use high-quality accessories for the power supply and power cord. The sealing of the waterproof cabinet is better, and the led screen must reach the IP65 waterproof. The soldering part of the PCB board is the most vulnerable place to be corroded, so special attention should be paid. There is also the frame of the transparent led screen, which is easy to rust, so it must be rust-proof.

For different pcb board materials, professional waterproof coatings are required. We also need to pay attention to the waterproof problem of the back panel of the outdoor transparent led screen. The backplane of the transparent led screen is not only used for heat dissipation, but also very important for waterproofing.

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