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Why Is The Naked-eye 3D LED Display That Was Once Neglected Becoming Popular?


Recently, many large outdoor naked-eye 3D led screen projects have been frequently searched on major short video platforms, setting off a wave of attention from the capital market and end users. According to statistics, by the end of December 2021, the number of naked-eye 3D led projects in China was close to 100, showing a rapid growth trend. At the same time, under the empowerment of new technologies such as naked-eye 3D, the commercial value of outdoor led screen has risen in a straight line.

In fact, the naked-eye 3D led display technology was born in 2013, and it has also caused a sensation in the led display industry, but it has little momentum and has been neglected in the application of the market. So what is the reason for the growth and explosion of naked-eye 3D technology from the indifference in the past to today? Why was it not taken seriously in the early days? What opportunities and challenges will this explosion bring to LED screen companies? As naked-eye 3D enters the public eye again, these questions have become a common topic in the led industry.

Meiyad outdoor P8 naked eye 3d led screen

Meiyad outdoor P8 naked eye 3d led screen 22.016m X 7.168m

What is naked eye 3D? Why was it ignored in the early days?

As the application scenarios of led displays become more and more abundant, the audience's requirements for them are gradually increasing. People's sensory experience is no longer satisfied with the ordinary two-dimensional display, but is eager to have a three-dimensional view that is more attributed to the real world. Therefore, , the naked-eye 3D led display screen with immersive feeling came into being.

It is true that 3D display technology was slowly taken off the "mysterious veil" after the release of the "Avatar" movie in 2013 and entered the field of vision of end users. Although there are many types of 3D display technologies, they can be mainly divided into two categories: glasses type and naked eye type, and the latter, due to its unique "naked eye", allows viewers to get rid of body-binding accessories while reducing maintenance costs for suppliers, so it has gradually become the best product in the outdoor advertising industry.

Compared with traditional 3D displays, the technical advantages of naked-eye 3D LED displays are obvious. The naked-eye 3D display screen can watch three-dimensional images without any auxiliary equipment. It is the latest high-tech in the imaging industry. With its strong visual impact, it has brought a qualitative leap to the tired situation of the display industry in the past.

However, as a naked-eye 3D technology with many breakthroughs, it has been highly expected by the LED display industry after its rise in 2013. Many LED display manufacturers are eager to use the naked-eye 3D display technology to add value to their products. However, due to the limitations of the technology at the time, it did not succeed.

There are two types of naked-eye 3D led display technologies: one is a parallax barrier, which uses linear stripes distributed at intervals between transparent and opaque to limit the direction of light travel. The other is a cylindrical lens, which uses the focusing and light refraction technology of the cylindrical lens to change the direction of light travel and split the light. However, a common disadvantage of both techniques is that sharpness is greatly compromised. Therefore, compared with the traditional LED display, the naked-eye 3D LED display has higher hardware and software configuration requirements, as well as higher product specifications and design requirements. In the early days, in order to achieve good results, many LED display companies invested a lot of money in research and development and transformation. Its research and development were divided into two directions, one is the research and development of hardware equipment, and the other is the research and development of display content processing. But even so, the naked-eye 3D technology has never been able to be widely and maturely applied in the market like the small pixel pitch led display.

Meiyad outdoor naked eye 3d led display in Yichang

Meiyad outdoor naked eye 3d led display in Yichang

So, in addition to technical limitations, what caused the development of naked-eye 3D led display screens in the past to be hindered in practical applications?

The first is the low level of market acceptance. In the early days, as a new species in the led industry, the naked-eye 3D led screen had a low level of market awareness, and it was difficult to promote and apply it. For its application scenarios, the market has always stayed at the stage of curiosity and interest.

Second, the price and cost are too high. It is understood that the PCBs, modules, cabinets, etc. related to the led display are all customized and developed products with high prices. Therefore, the market demand is powerless, but the market demand is often the key to the success or failure of the industry.

Finally, the lack of innovation in business models and the lack of supporting content services are also the main reasons. The video content played by the naked-eye 3D led display needs to be customized with the resolution of the led display, and the production of its content is also the key to whether it can attract users to stay and bring long-term conversion. In the early stage of development, the naked-eye 3D led screen, as an emerging product, was obviously lacking in the development of business models and supporting content services.

From neglected to popular, the three major drivers on the road of naked-eye 3D "renaissance"

After going through the "mysterious-dormant" stage in the past, naked-eye 3D technology has gradually become better in the industry application of led displays, and ushers in rapid development in 2021.

Under the pressure of the global economic downturn, naked-eye 3D showed explosive growth in 2021. According to statistics, by the end of December 2021, there were close to 100 naked-eye 3D projects in the country and maintained a rapid growth trend. In just one year, the naked-eye 3D large screen has expanded rapidly in China. Why is the naked-eye 3D led display expanding so fast? I think there are three main aspects: the new regulations of the government, the new trend of commercial value, and the continuous progress of technology.

First of all, with the development and changes of society, the lifestyles that the audience is accustomed to have undergone tremendous changes, and policies are often forward-looking in the needs of social development. In June 2021, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "Notice of the 2021 Annual Project Application Guidelines for the "14th Five-Year Plan" Key Special Projects such as the National Key R&D Plan "Information Photonic Technology", and will arrange funds among the key tasks of the information photonic technology project No more than 30 million yuan to support the research and development of key technologies for the core optical devices and common technologies and architectures of naked-eye 3D display. The introduction of this policy has undoubtedly become the main reason for the rapid development of naked-eye 3D large screens.

Meiyad outdoor naked eye 3d led screen in Urumqi

Meiyad outdoor naked eye 3d led screen in Urumqi

In addition, the overall promotion of the policy for the industry cannot be ignored. In October 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a letter on the implementation of the "Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)" and "Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Radio and Television and Online Audio-visual Industry", and decided to carry out "Hundred Cities Thousand Screens" The announcement of the promotion of ultra-high-definition video landing, the implementation of this policy also laid a boost for the outdoor LED field that is closely related to naked eye 3D.

It must be mentioned that the construction and promotion of the new smart city policy has also greatly broadened the application scenarios of naked-eye 3D led display technology, which has prompted its commercial value to be highlighted and also have a new direction.

Take the first giant screen in Asia called "Light of Asia" as an example. This screen is located in the building square of Suning Tesco in Guanyinqiao, Chongqing. The combination of human-screen interactive technology applications. It can be seen that under the trend of digital transformation, naked-eye 3D led display has bid farewell to the positioning of a single display carrier, ushered in new development opportunities, and has become an innovative field that has attracted much attention in outdoor advertising.

From Internet celebrity check-in points to night tour landscapes, the application scenarios of naked-eye 3D have been newly developed, which not only adapts to the trend of user consumption upgrades, but also creates a new city logo, which ultimately drives the city's commercial value.

Finally, external promotion is always temporary, and internal adaptive changes are the key to making naked-eye 3D the "traffic password" in the field of outdoor advertising.

In the past, the high requirements of naked-eye 3D displays made all aspects of the industry chain face many difficulties and challenges, but now the development of technology has become the mainstream factor of its popularity. The naked-eye 3D display screen is to add some optical structures to the display screen, so that the displayed images enter the left and right eyes of the person to produce parallax, and the 3D picture can be seen without wearing any special glasses or other devices. Therefore, as far as the current technology is concerned, the outdoor naked-eye 3D display medium is most suitable for using small pixel pitch led display. In recent years, the vigorous development of small pixel pitch led and even ultra-fine pixel pitch led has provided extremely favorable support for naked-eye 3D led screens. Secondly, the progress of video source production technology and cost reduction, as well as the progress of supporting software and hardware technology, have also greatly promote the popularity of naked eye 3D.

Prospects can be expected in the future, challenges and opportunities go hand in hand

After 2020, the repeated outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated the commercial digitization process of the global outdoor advertising industry, and digital displays have gradually become the mainstream of the industry. Among them, the naked-eye 3D LED display is undoubtedly a major direction and focus of value-added. At the same time, with the popularity of the metaverse concept around the world, virtual technologies represented by AR/VR/MR/XR are driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional media and the reform of the outdoor advertising industry. Combining AR, VR and holographic technologies to realize two-way interactive naked-eye 3D LED display and other immersive applications will become a major trend in its future development.

Meiyad intdoor naked eye 3d led screen with P1.875 flexible led screen

Meiyad intdoor naked eye 3d led screen with P1.875 flexible led screen, 3120mm X 2160mm

The maturity of technology and the introduction of national policies have put forward a clear definition and applicable scenarios for the value and development of naked-eye 3D, which makes led display companies full of hope for its future development, and also provides the LED display industry with a way to enter the high-end industry. Shows a good opportunity in the market. A huge market is undoubtedly a piece of sweet pastry, but with the arrival of opportunities, there are also many challenges.

The application scheme of deep integration of naked-eye 3D and other technologies in the LED display is the current research and development hotspot and direction of led display companies. However, the research and development of such technology requires a huge R&D team and capital investment. This is both an opportunity and a huge challenge for companies. Knowing more about the breakthrough of industry technology will have considerable technical foundation and direction advantages in the huge R&D team. At the same time, LED screen enterprises should also measure their own enterprise strength and scale and do what they can.

Secondly, the advantage of naked-eye 3D display is that it quickly catches the eye. However, how to make good use of this technical means to carry out in-depth interaction with end users, the industry still needs to think carefully to seek more space for exploration. Also, how should end users react if such advertising becomes the norm? How can LED screen companies better solve the aesthetic fatigue of users, avoid homogeneous competition, break down creative barriers, and present more ingenious content, so as to give full play to the potential value of naked-eye 3D displays and win the market in the future.

Glasses-free 3D led screens have gradually become the mainstream of the outdoor LED advertising industry. Data shows that in the future, there will be 200 million sets naked-eye 3D digital displays in the world, while the Chinese market will have about 50 million sets and a market value of about 370 billion. The industry once predicted that "glasses-free 3D advertising will be the next major evolution in the digital outdoor field after video." The application upgrade of digital technology has brought a clear development path for glasses-free 3D technology, and the construction of new smart cities will also be a fusion of A good space for the digital world and traditional industries, naked eye 3D is in line with this development direction. LED display companies should lead the development with innovation, magnify the frontier and creative nature of digital technology, and empower the industry with the strength of the enterprise, so as to further seize the opportunity to penetrate the market.

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