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Application of Scrolling Message LED Display in Various Scenarios


With the upgrading of consumption trends and the construction of urban space diversification, the demand for expressiveness and ductility of the business environment continues to increase, and industry users have gradually diversified their personalized needs for commercial large led displays. The scrolling message led display is gradually favored by the market, meeting the needs of supermarket shelves, restaurant chains, shoe and clothing stores, subway platforms, elevator advertisements and other scenarios.

Supermarket shelf application: eye-catching to achieve user drainage

The scrolling message led screen is used in the supermarket shelf scene, and can be cleverly "integrated" with the shelf, saving space and layout, and bringing a good video look and feel.

Catering chain application: flexible display of store information

Applied to chain restaurants such as milk tea shops, cafes, shaved ice shops, etc., the scrolling led screen can be equipped with a messaging system to create an intelligent cloud information release platform. The staff can conveniently push information such as store brand background, product promotion, new product launch, etc. from the cloud in real time, update and replace them in real time, and realize the intelligent display of catering information. At the same time, the scrolling message led screen can also be cleverly used to display information on a split screen, so as to realize the simultaneous broadcast of information such as promotions and new products on the market, and strengthen the visual appeal of food to consumers. On the whole, the scrolling message led display can not only improve the shopping experience of consumers, but also effectively save the continuous investment cost of manpower and materials in stores.

scrolling message led screen used in milk tea shop

scrolling message led screen used in milk tea shop

Shoes and clothing store application: display product information in real time

Through its slim and outstanding appearance, the scrolling message led display can not only create a high-end and atmospheric store environment, but also display the product information on the counters, shoes and clothing counters in real time, and mark prices and promotions. In addition, the dynamic content display, the visual effect is more three-dimensional and realistic, which is conducive to focusing consumers' attention and improving consumers' shopping experience.

Subway guide application: dynamic display of arrival information

Digital information technology has driven the rapid development of the overall technology of rail transit, and has become the strategic commanding height of rail transit development and the main symbol of modernization. In the real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation and management system established by smart transportation, the application of led display is indispensable.

After the scrolling message led display is connected with the subway system, it can provide dynamic display of the whole station and arrival information, realize accurate platform broadcast, accurately display the rail line direction and transfer information, and at the same time, it is compatible with the control terminal, broadcasts convenient information in real time, and even scrolls the display. The notification-type instant text information provides all-round and comprehensive information services for subway passengers.

High-end hotel elevator advertisement: provide constructive guidance

Applied to high-end hotel scene, scrolling message led screen can also be used as elevator advertising display. Its installation form is flexible and free, and can support various installation applications such as horizontal and vertical screens, counter cylinders, hanging, splicing, in-line, etc., and can be selected according to the actual space layout inside and outside the elevator and the actual needs of hotel customers. At the same time, with the signal transmission system, an integrated software and hardware solution can be formed, which can present diversified information such as multimedia advertisements, hotel brand introduction, regional scene introduction, local characteristic scenic spot introduction, and precautions for epidemic prevention and control in real time. It can not only increase the advertising revenue of high-end hotels through precise and high-traffic exposure, but also facilitate consumers to establish a clear understanding and provide constructive guidance for tourism/shopping/dining/travel.

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