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Outdoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Has Become A Market Hotspot

2022-03-24 www.myddisplay.com

With the continuous improvement of led display technology, the pixel pitch of outdoor led display is also further reduced. In recent years, the small pixel pitch led display has developed rapidly. Following the indoor small pixel pitch led display, outdoor small pixel pitch led display has gradually become a market hot spot for many led display manufacturers to seize.

Outdoor small pixel pitch usually refers to outdoor led displays with a pixel pitch of less than 5mm. Previously, traditional outdoor led screens were mainly used for long-distance viewing, so the products were mainly concentrated in the "large pixel pitch" category. However, in recent years, the application scenarios of outdoor led displays have also shown a trend of "miniaturization", not just "high" large led screens, and the requirements for the clarity of led displays are also getting higher and higher. In addition, the complex outdoor environment has put forward higher requirements for the original display terminal. After solving the problems of "high brightness" and "high protection", outdoor led display screens have also begun to move towards smaller pixel pitch and higher definition, especially the close-range standing led displays are gradually moving towards smaller pitches such as P4, P3, and p2.5.

Due to the high pixel density in the unit size, small pixel pitch led displays are more and more used outdoors in close-range and small-area projects, realizing the needs of delicate and close-up viewing, so they are suitable for close-range applications. Information kiosks/newsstands, floor-to-ceiling bus stops, chain luxury store windows, community information broadcasts, outdoor seating advertisements, pole led screens and other market segments prefer small pixel pitch led screens.

It is worth mentioning that as the technology of outdoor small pixel pitch lamp beads continues to mature and the cost continues to decline, more and more large-scale commercial places have begun to install higher-definition outdoor small pixel pitch large led screens.

Especially in recent years, the number of pedestrian streets and commercial plazas of the city has gradually increased, and a large number of well-known domestic and foreign brands and luxury goods have increasingly settled in these commercial streets. Playing brand information on led displays is also becoming more and more popular, and outdoor small pixel pitch led screens have become the "darling" of business promotion.

At present, outdoor small pixel pitch led displays have broken through P2.5, and outdoor small pixel pitch led displays are an inevitable trend in the development of the industry, especially for displays with a pitch of about P2.5, there is a huge demand in the market, which is also led display manufacturers have a huge motivation to develop outdoor small pixel pitch.

Driven by the market demand for outdoor commercial displays, outdoor small pixel pitch led displays already have a considerable market development space. At the same time, with the superposition of human-screen interaction technologies such as infrared sensing, face recognition, touch, 3D, and VR/AR, outdoor small pixel pitch led displays have become more vivid. With the support of these interactive technologies, the development prospects of outdoor small pixel pitch led displays are very promising.

There is no doubt that the outdoor large led screen market occupies a pivotal position in the led display industry. In the current era of smart city construction and big data interconnection, with the further popularization of 5G+8K, outdoor naked-eye 3D has become popular, and the outdoor small pixel pitch market has also ushered in new changes. In the future, with the further improvement of outdoor small pixel pitch led screen, its development prospects will be even broader!

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