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How to Calculate the Transparency of the Transparent LED Screen?

2021-01-20 www.myddisplay.com

Transparent led screen, "transparency" is its biggest feature. Some people often ask, is the transparent led display completely transparent? What is its transparency rate?

For customers who have never seen and never been in touch with transparent led screens, "transparent led screen" is definitely a vocabulary with enough sense and full of science fiction. Speaking of transparent led display, many people may think of high-tech images in film and television works and conceptual product promos.

But the transparent led screen has nothing to do with these. Most of the high-tech pictures in the movie are virtual technology, which reflects a future technology and a direction for the future development of transparent display.

So, how is the transparency of transparent led screen calculated?

Meiyad Transparent LED Display Screen

To calculate the transparency, we must first understand the concept of transparency. Transparency is a physical term, which means the efficiency of light transmission by display devices, etc. The transparency of a transparent led screen is defined as the percentage of the actual luminous flux through the screen and the total luminous flux through it. The simplest calculation formula is: transparency = (transparent space/light bar interval)*100%

For the calculation of transparent led screen transparency, the led transparent display industry has no industry standard for the time being. Therefore, transparent led screen manufacturers have different calculation methods for the "transparency" or "transmittance" of their own products. The main logic is as follows:

Transparency is often only calculated for the main part of the light bar and light board, that is, the shading of the power box is not included, the shading of the box frame is not included, and the shading of PC, acrylic or glass (single or even double) is not included.

Taking the P12 transparent led screen as an example, the thickness of the PCB of the known light bar is 2mm, and the distance between the light bar and the light bar is 12mm, then the light transmission space is 10mm, so the light transmittance = 10/12*100%

Therefore, the "transparency" in the technical parameters of transparent led screen products is the result of diversified different calculation formulas. When choosing transparent led screen products, users should actually experience the transparency of the transparent screen, and integrate other factors choose carefully.

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