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Is Your LED Display Anti-static in the Dry Season?

2020-12-29 www.myddisplay.com

In the autumn and winter seasons, the weather is getting dry day by day, which is the season when static electricity is most likely to occur. In a dry environment, static electricity on the human body can usually reach several thousand volts or even tens of thousands of volts. Although electrostatic discharge (ESD) does not cause life-threatening danger to the human body, it can easily cause fatal damage to semiconductor products such as led displays.

1. The hazards of electrostatic discharge (ESD)

ESD often occurs in any part of the process of led display production, transportation, installation, etc. Due to the irregular operation, the product is broken down by static electricity, causing sudden damage and potential damage to the led display.

01. Sudden damage reduces product yield and increases enterprise costs

Sudden damage refers to the fact that the voltage between two or more pins of the led product component exceeds the breakdown strength of the component medium, causing the component to be severely damaged and lose its function. This kind of damage can usually be found in the quality inspection during the production process, and will not directly affect the customer's use, but if the manufacturer is subject to static electricity for a long time, it will increase the production cost.

02. Potential damage affects the service life of the product and causes losses to customers

Potential damage is more destructive. Because the pulse energy of static electricity causes local heating of the lamp or IC, the breakdown of the lamp and IC cannot be found in the test. Therefore, the product becomes unstable, and the phenomenon of dead lights gradually appears in the subsequent use of customers, which greatly affects the service life of the led display and causes losses to customers.

2. Prevention of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

To minimize the damage of static electricity to the led display, manufacturers, distributors and customers must strictly implement the ESD20.20 standard during production, transportation and use. In production, the static electricity is directly discharged to the ground through the wire connection, which is the most direct and effective method of anti-static measures.

01. Prevention of static electricity on the production side

Conduct training on electrostatic knowledge and related techniques for personnel who use electrostatic sensitive circuits.

During the production process, workers are required to wear a grounded electrostatic wristband. Especially in the cutting, plug-in, debugging and post-welding processes, and to monitor, the quality personnel must do a bracelet static test at least every two hours and make a test record.

When soldering, the electric soldering iron should use anti-static low-voltage constant temperature soldering iron as much as possible, and keep good grounding.

In the assembly process, use a low-voltage DC electric screwdriver with a ground wire as much as possible.

Ensure the effective grounding of the production pull table, glue filling table, and aging rack.

The production environment is required to be grounded with copper wires, such as floors, walls, and ceilings used in some occasions, and anti-static materials should be used.

In daily operation, the led display should always be stored in an anti-static bag or container.

02. Prevention of static electricity on the transportation side

During transportation, the delivery vehicle shall be grounded, and the box or other equipment shall have conductive wheels or drag links.

When touching LED screen products, keep the correct method of handling, and do not directly touch the PCB board and the electronic components on it.

03. client static prevention

When installing the led screen, customers and engineering companies must also strictly follow the anti-static operation, and do not directly touch the core electronic components of the product without protective measures.

When installing the steel structure of the led screen, make effective grounding and lead the led screen static electricity to the ground.

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