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The Relationship Between Glass LED Screen and Transparent LED Screen

2021-03-16 www.myddisplay.com

Glass led screen is a transparent display product, which is a cross-border product between the building decoration industry and LED display. The main composition is composed of three parts: inner conductive glass, led chip light source, and outer glass. Its models are mainly P10/P16/P20/P25/P31.25/P40.

Except for the led lamp beads, there are no other components on the glass led screen, and the circuit board is completely transparent. Glass led screen is a new high-tech material with energy saving, environmental protection, safety and practicality. It not only maintains the ultra-high transmittance characteristics of glass, but also presents the display effect through photoelectric software control, so as to realize graphic display and video playback, and display for multiple fields, provide the solution. With the development of architectural media, the application range of smart glass led screens will become wider and wider. The glass led screen not only makes the overall building appearance more beautiful and richer in color, but also injects a living soul into it, which is full of sense of science and technology, thereby attracting more audiences. Glass led screens can be installed in any scene where glass needs to be installed, which can directly replace glass. It can be used for large-size display applications such as glass curtain walls, corridors and other buildings, as well as small-size indicator signs, and interior glass decoration application.

Glass led screen is widely used in building curtain walls, interior decoration and other fields such as:

Indoor and outdoor architectural decorative glass (urban buildings, large shopping malls, etc.);

Glass curtain wall (shops along the street, car 4S shops, unmanned supermarkets, etc.);

Glass guardrail (overpass, office partition);

Transportation hub (high-speed rail station, airport, subway station, etc.)

So, what is the relationship between the glass led screen and the transparent led display?

Both the glass led screen and the transparent led display have high transparency, which does not affect the indoor lighting and viewing line of sight. They can be used on the glass curtain wall and glass window to play dynamic full color video and picture publicity information. As a new type of advertising media, they promote the development of the advertising media industry. Of course, there are also big differences between glass led screen and transparent led screen. The biggest difference lies in their appearance. Glass led screen is made of glass with led lamp beads embedded in the glass; while transparent led screen is made of aluminum profile, and the led lamp beads are inlaid on the PCB. The difference between the two forms affects its application areas. The application range of transparent led screen is more biased towards the glass curtain walls of commercial buildings and the glass windows of chain stores.

In the future, glass led screen and transparent led display may be more closely integrated, and promote technological innovation in the led display industry, and its future development potential is limitless.

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