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Meiyad Smart Mirror LED Screen

2020-11-25 www.myddisplay.com

Based on years of experience in the LED industry, Meiyad has adopted advanced technology and combined with business characteristics to launch a series of mirror led screen to help companies build a three-dimensional media promotion platform for business halls and realize the functions of centralized management and production at headquarters and instant information release at outlets , such as: publishing business information, promotional activities, internal notices, employee training, image display, rolling captions, etc.

Meiyad Smart Mirror LED Screen


The smart mirror led screen is suitable for various occasions such as exhibition centers, shopping centers, conference halls, weddings, performances, airports, stations, supermarkets, restaurants, brand chains, photo studios, etc.

Application of Meiyad mirror led screen

It can be used as an advertising platform, emergency notification, instant information release, shopping guide information, supporting service information release, publicity platform, brand demonstration window, and can replace traditional roll-up banners.


LED active light, 1200nits high brightness, 3 times the brightness of LCD display, 4 times that of LCD and LED rear projection; 160° wide viewing angle, 1.92 meters X 0.64 meters full screen display, visible distance up to 20 meters, information One step faster to pass.

Support any installation method: Combining the current industry's latest technology and industrial design, it presents a stylish and simple integrated appearance, all-aluminum frame, car paint, and any installation method can be used to save space.

installation methods of Meiyad mirror led screen

Play Display Form

The mirror led screen supports stand-alone mode, split screen mode, wireless multi-screen mode, mobile terminal mode, and camera mode.


Parameters of mirror led screen

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