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Meiyad New Product: Interactive Floor Tile LED Screen

2020-11-05 www.myddisplay.com

The led floor tile screen is an innovative led display product specially created by Meiyad for ground display. The product is specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, anti-fog performance and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-intensity pedaling. The floor tile led screen has the characteristics of stable display, high load-bearing, energy saving and environmental protection.

Meiyad New Product: Interactive Floor Tile LED Screen

Applications of LED Floor Tile Screen

The interactive floor tile led display is becoming more and more popular with the audience, the stage space will be extended, and the visual effect will be more beautiful. It can be applied to indoor and outdoor stage backgrounds, and it can also be laid in the guest rest area of a commercial complex, turning tired "walking" into a cheerful "show", gathering popularity, and realizing internet celebrity check-in. In addition, the floor tile led screen can also play traditional advertisements, which can generate advertising benefits and have more vitality.

The interactive floor tile led screens are widely used in stage performances, event celebrations, exhibition halls, bar discos and other fields such as:

Stage performances (concerts, cultural evenings, TV shows, etc.)

Activity celebration (wedding, anniversary celebration, etc.)

Exhibition hall (commercial exhibition, gymnasium, etc.)

Bar disco (KTV, music bar, etc.)

Applications of LED Floor Tile Screen

Features of Floor Tile LED Display

The metal structure of the led floor tile display is matched with high-strength wear-resistant fabrics, which can be seamlessly spliced and has a high load-bearing capacity [1500kg/S (S≥160x160 mm)] fully enclosed heat dissipation structure, IP65 protection level, RGB deep grayscale processing, video Synchronous display output.

Fast installation: Rechargeable suction cups and fast and accurate installation positioning technology are used to ensure fast and accurate installation of the cabinet.

Wear-resistant mask: The mask is made of high-strength PC composite material, which has high abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and scratch resistance to ensure the display effect.

Stable performance: The components adopt distributed layout and modular design, with good consistency and high reliability.

Rugged and durable: the box body is formed by sheet metal, thickened sheet, and safe bearing 1500kg/㎡.

Seamless splicing: The feet adopt the function of adjusting the positioning of adjacent boxes up and down, and the flatness of the whole screen is less than 1mm, realizing seamless splicing.

High degree of protection: the front and rear of the box have a protection level of IP65, without fear of splashing.

Interactive Floor Tile LED Screen

Maintenance of LED Floor Tile

Use maintenance tools to take out the defective led floor tile display cabinet and perform maintenance. After the maintenance is completed, use the maintenance tools to return to the original place.

Maintenance of LED Floor Tile

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