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Meiyad New Product: Transparent Glass LED Display

2020-10-26 www.myddisplay.com

The glass led display is a kind of transparent led display developed by Meiyad, which is a cross-border product for the architectural decoration industry and led display. The transparent glass led display is mainly composed of inner conductive glass, led chip light source, outer glass and auxiliary installation structure. The main models include P10, P16, P20, P25, P31.25, P40.

Transparent Glass LED display


The glass led display has no other components except led lamp beads, and the circuit board is completely transparent. The transparent glass led display not only maintains the ultra-high transmittance characteristics of the glass, but also can display the display effect through the control of software, so as to realize the graphic display and video playback, and provide solutions for multi-field display.

High transparency: According to the different pixel pitch, the transparency can reach 97%, and the visible light transmittance is ≥80%.

Invisible display: The led light source uses micron-level wafers and chips, which are integrated with transparent, high temperature resistant and antistatic glue, and the chips are invisible to the naked eye.

Strong heat dissipation: The front and rear panel glass adopts super thermal conductive glass, the heat inside can be conducted from the inside to the outside, which reduces the failure rate and prolongs the service life.

Strong sense of science and technology: It can display any pattern and advertising effect when it is powered on, and it can return to conventional glass when it is powered off.

Not limited by size: According to the size requirements of the on-site glass, products of different sizes can be customized.

Large viewing angle: There is no obstruction around the luminous source, no blind spots for viewing, and the viewing angle can reach 160 degrees.


Parameters of Meiyad Glass LED display


With the development of construction media, the application range of transparent glass led displays will become wider and wider. The glass led display not only makes the overall building more beautiful in appearance and richer in color, but also injects a living soul into it with a sense of technology, which attracts more audiences. Glass led screens can be installed in any scene where glass needs to be installed, which can directly replace glass. It can be used for large-size display applications such as glass curtain walls, corridors and other building exteriors, as well as small-size indicator signs and other lighting and indoor glass decoration application.

Applications of Transparent Glass LED display

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