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Meiyad New Product: Transparent Film LED Screen

2020-10-21 www.myddisplay.com

Meiyad transparent film led screen, using special customized LED lamp beads, the components are fixed on the high transparent PCB board, and the display module is integrated into a high transparent optical lens substrate that can emit light through the cover glue process. The thickness of the transparent film led screen is between 1~3mm.

Meiyad transparent film led screen


High-end commercials prefer to use transparent led screens to set off the style of brands and products. Compared with traditional transparent led screens, the transparent film led screens are more transparent when playing promotional content, and can highlight the products themselves, making high-end brands such as automobiles, fashion clothing, and jewelry more popular.

Lightweight and ultra-thin: the thickness is about 3mm, and the weight is about 3.5kg/㎡.

Ultra-wide viewing angle: 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angle, wide viewing range, no color cast.

Easy to install: just tap the screen lightly, and then connect the signal and power.

High transparency: The structure is unusually simple, with a transparency of up to 85%, without affecting the lighting, and turning glass into an advertising medium can develop more and more valuable advertising spots.

Not limited by size: it can be cut to the required length according to the required size of the transparent film led screen.

Flexibility: strong flexibility, can fit glass and walls with a radian.

Cost saving: no steel structure is required, and the appearance of the building is changed, which effectively saves transportation and installation costs.

Anti-fall and anti-collision: The screen body line uses FPC flexible material to prevent internal components from falling and cracking, and 1 square meter can withstand external impact pressure 2kg.


Parameters transparent film led screen


1. Large glass curtain wall: urban CBD, large shopping malls

2. Glass guardrail: large scenic spots, pedestrian bridges, traffic hubs, etc.

3. Glass showcase: shops along the street, automobile 4S shops, jewelry brand shops, brand clothing shops, etc.

4. Stage performances, commercial exhibitions, etc.

Applications transparent film led screen

Meiyad P6 indoor transparent film led screen used in shopping center

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