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Meiyad Soft Transparent LED Display

2020-12-24 www.myddisplay.com

The Meiyad soft transparent led display is a transparent led screen product that breaks the convention.

Meiyad Soft Transparent LED Display

Application Scenarios

Meiyad soft transparent led display use glass, showcases and other carriers to display commercial advertising information to users and display recommended products. They are widely used in automotive displays, glass curtain walls, glass guardrails, glass showcases, interior decoration and other fields.

Applications of Meiyad soft transparent led display


High Transparency

The transparency is very high, according to different dot pitches, the permeability can reach up to 97% without affecting the lighting.

Curlable, Soft and Flexible

It is unfolded when in use, and like a scroll when not in use, convenient to carry. Strong flexibility, suitable for glass and wall with any curvature.

Arbitrary Cutting, Easy Installation

Can be customized according to project requirements. It can be mounted, hoisted, and fixed; directly attached to the building curtain wall without damaging the original structure.

Multi Pixel Pitches For Options

P2.6-5.2 / P3.91-7.81 / P4.81-9.62 / P5 / P6 / P7.62 / P8 / P10 / P12

Saving Cost

No need for steel structure, changing the appearance of the building, reducing transportation and installation costs.


Parameter of Meiyad soft transparent led display

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