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Reasons for Choosing Outdoor Advertising

2020-11-17 www.myddisplay.com

I remember seeing this sentence in an article: "The Internet has swallowed everything. It has swallowed TV, printed matter, newspapers, music, and books. But it has not and will never swallow outdoor media."

Whether it is a major Internet company or a well-known online platform, even if you already have your own platform, app, and your own online advertising media, you still need outdoor advertising to attract the attention of consumers, and outdoor advertising is needed to help brands firmly get into the hearts of consumers! Where are the advantages of outdoor advertising and the magic of getting consumers' favor?

Meiyad P10 Outdoor LED Screen

Large advertising area is the source of magic for outdoor advertising

Take a conventional single-layer bus advertisement as an example. If the bus is 12m long, 2.5m wide, and 3m high, how big is the area of the full-body bus advertisement?

2 bodies, front and rear: 12*3*2+2.5*3*2=72+15=87㎡

Not to mention the large advertisements on the walls of buildings. The same is true for large led screen advertising. Unlike TV advertising, where the Internet only exists on a narrow screen, the large advertising led screen can grab consumers' attention even if they are far away.

Many outdoor led billboards have become a beautiful landscape, and integrated with urban buildings to become part of landmarks!

Meiyad P10 outdoor led billboard

Outdoor large led screen advertisements stick to their posts for years and years, and some people may think that they are used to its existence and have little effect on them. Relevant surveys show that 26.04% of them think it has no impact, 29.17% think it has no impact and it doesn't matter, and only about 15% think outdoor advertising has an impact on it.

However, the agency discovered a strange phenomenon. Many people chose "outdoor advertising has no effect on me", but he would think of this outdoor advertisement during shopping and even choose to buy the product. Therefore, we found that outdoor advertising does not have no impact on consumers. In fact, they have memories of advertising content. The audience receives the advertising content unconsciously. When they come into contact with the product again, short-term memory will have an effect and affect their final decision. Outdoor advertising has a subtle impact on consumer psychology, leaving an impression in the consumer's subconscious mind, and thus plays a role in consumers' purchasing decisions.

Meiyad P8 large outdoor led screen

Everyone who goes out will be exposed to outdoor advertising. There is no need to touch a certain carrier, such as turning on the TV, opening newspapers and magazines, or logging in to the website. You only need to walk on the highway or on the street to see outdoor advertising. This is the irresistible contact of outdoor advertising.

Isn’t this the highest level of advertising influence? Quietly, when consumers are unprepared, they complete the dissemination of advertising information, which has an impact on consumer psychology and behavior, and becomes an advertisement that consumers cannot refuse.

Technological innovation brings more possibilities to large outdoor led screen advertising

Large outdoor led display advertising can mobilize a variety of on-site expression methods on the premise of making full use of the media scene environment and space to create comprehensive and rich sensory stimulation, images, sentences, three-dimensional objects, dynamic sound effects, environment... etc. And so on, can all be cleverly integrated. At the same time, using AR interactive 3D naked eye and other technologies, the large led screen media is interacted with the mobile Internet terminal, realizing a seamless connection from offline to online.

For advertisers, it is important to adapt to the development of the times and technological progress, and to embrace digital transformation. The content of the advertisement tells the brand story, and the creation of empathy with users is the key to establishing market advantage.

Meiyad P8 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

In the traditional mass media era, the main purpose and function of outdoor advertising is to inform information. With limited creativity and a one-way communication model with the communicator as the main body, the advantages of outdoor advertising have not been fully utilized.

Nowadays, the diversification of media and the active search of consumers have increased the channels through which the "information needs" are satisfied. The motivation of contact with outdoor advertising has gradually penetrated into consumers' psychology, life and social, and turned to psychological needs and boring time and space entertainment, create the topic of interacting with others. Socialized consumers pay more attention to the individual's emotional experience and expression in the acceptance and processing of information, which makes outdoor advertising pay attention to the psychological element of emotion in the process of creative communication, which may have an unexpected impact on consumer behavior effect.

In today's Internet age, if there is any advertising form that can instantly grab the attention of consumers, penetrate into the hearts of consumers to complete the reach of advertising information, and make consumers irresistible, it must be outdoor advertising!

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