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Which Is More Important to Outdoor Advertising, Creativity and Location?

2020-12-02 www.myddisplay.com

Creativity is The Soul of Advertising

In the "Internet +" era, people are surrounded by a large amount of information every day, and they will inevitably have requirements on the quality of the information, and the screening of information they are willing to receive will be stricter. This makes the dissemination of information such as outdoor advertising no longer a traditional one-way mode of communication. Good creativity can help advertisements be more easily accepted by consumers, reduce consumer rejection of advertisements, and deepen the impression left on advertisements. Good creative content touches the depths of the audience's hearts, can trigger thinking, further increase the audience's attention to advertising, and thus stimulate secondary communication. This is not only the improvement of audience status, but also the role and importance of creativity in advertising and outdoor advertising. It can be said that creativity is the soul of outdoor advertising.

However, the definition of outdoor advertising is still a common form of advertising displayed on a city's public buildings based on a specific carrier to deliver commercial advertising information to the general public. Therefore, compared with other forms of advertising media, outdoor advertising is generally displayed in the form of billboards, large outdoor led screens, etc. Therefore, the location of the billboard has become the most important or even the only factor influencing whether it can achieve the best advertising effect based on good advertising content.

Location is the Trump Card of Outdoor Advertising

We believe that location value has always been the prerequisite for all values of outdoor advertising. The location of outdoor advertising determines how many people it can affect and who it affects. The effectiveness of outdoor advertising is inseparable from the creativity and expression of the advertising content itself. However, we must realize that outdoor advertising is closely related to the choice of outdoor advertising media, advertising hours, and especially outdoor advertising locations.

A simple example to illustrate the relationship between creativity and location in outdoor advertising more clearly is that “location” is the “1” before the long string of “0”, if there is no such “1” in the location, the latter No matter how many "0"s are good-looking, interesting and smart, there is nothing.

Utilize Location Advantages to Maximize Value

Location is the constant core of outdoor advertising. Only by insisting on location priority, selecting high-quality locations, and fundamentally insight, analysis, and identification of the audience facing the location, will it be better and have the opportunity to further expand the effect of the location.

For example, people along roads, both sides of expressways, stations, airports and other places have rapid flow of people, short residence time, and large differences in occupation, income, and habits. It is more suitable to put in products that are acceptable for all age groups and different incomes. . Advertising content can be concise, clear, and immediately noticeable billboards, and it helps expand the scope of advertising information.

The audiences faced by areas such as residential communities and commercial areas are relatively stable, appearing more frequently around the area and staying for a longer time. If you place detailed billboards or outdoor advertisements that require people to spend time interacting and experience in such points, it will be beneficial to advertising information and develop in the direction of precision.

Taking advantage of the location, it can also integrate the "environment" elements into the creation of outdoor advertisements according to the characteristics of the outdoor advertising area, so as to enhance the audience's sense of experience and attract more attention from the audience.

Use the latest technology to create more distinctive, better-looking, and more influential outdoor advertising in a superior location. The appearance of outdoor advertising spots in front of people becomes more eye-catching dynamically or quietly, and can attract people's attention and even form a topic of communication.

Phoenix City Media applies Dolby and 3D naked eye technologies to outdoor led display. It not only optimizes the hardware of the large screen, but also optimizes the software for the advertisements displayed on the screen, hoping to bring comparable outdoor advertising outstanding picture quality effects of movie special effects.

The eternal original intention of outdoor advertising is to help brands impress people, and location is the core of outdoor advertising. We can make use of all our excellent ideas to make the outdoor advertising location beautiful and interesting, and go more exciting and longer on the innovative road of expanding the location effect!

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