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Advantages and Disadvantages of Outdoor LED Billboard

2020-10-13 www.myddisplay.com

Advertising led billboard displays are popular all over the world. With the development of modern technology, the digital advertising is undergoing changes, which will elevate advertising to a whole new level. From entertainment and catering to local retailers, billboards are suitable for a variety of industries. This outdoor led sign can advertise a million eyes for your brand in a short time. Billboards are undoubtedly effective, but static billboards are not as effective as led billboard displays.

Meiyad P10 LED Billboard in Salvador

Advantages of Advertising LED Billboard Screen

Increase Conversion Rate

The bright appearance of the outdoor led billboard forces the audience to stop and glance at the advertisement. The indicator of billboard effectiveness is very simple. All you need to do is find the demographic information of those who are more likely to see your ad and design your outdoor led billboard accordingly.

Flexible Advertising Schedule

The advertisements on the outdoor led billboard can be programmed to run more frequently during specific times of the day, when you want your target audience to catch a glimpse of your advertisement. For example, if you target people who are late for work, you can arrange to advertise in the evening at work.

Meiyad P10 Outdoor LED Billboard in Maldives


When comparing the visibility provided by static billboards with the visibility provided by advertising led billboards, you may notice a difference in visibility. Static billboards will fade, peel off, become dirty or change the color of advertisements over time. No matter how you design your billboard, it is difficult to carry out 24/7 advertising without proper lighting. By choosing led billboards, you can rest assured of the appearance. You can guarantee that even at night, your billboard will be sufficiently visible and effective.

Adapt to change

Using outdoor led billboards, you can change the message to reflect your marketing message, price, promotion information. A static billboard must submit a change order, wait for printing, and then arrange for someone to install a new print on the billboard.

Gain Trust

According to a study, billboards are one of the advertising channels trusted by consumers. Billboards usually influence consumers' purchasing decisions.

P10 Outdoor LED Board in Cambodian Boss Bar

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising LED Billboard


Advertising on a billboard is not enough. It is important to put your billboard in more than one position in the shortest time. Compared with static billboards, the cost of obtaining multiple led billboards can be high.


These outdoor led signs may be dangerous to moving spectators (such as drivers on highways). The eye-catching and bright outdoor led billboards may distract the life of the driver and may endanger the life of the driver.

Meiyad P3.91 Outdoor LED Billboard in Singapore

As digital outdoor signage becomes more and more popular in today's advertising market, more and more advertisers are choosing led billboards. Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages, design a outdoor led billboard that can benefit your campaign and determine the best time to use this outdoor sign.

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