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How to Buy Outdoor LED Display Which Installed By the Seaside?

2020-07-21 www.myddisplay.com

To choose a high quality led display, in addition to considering the quality of the led display itself and reliable service, choosing the right led display product according to different environments and uses is another guarantee. Below we will combine the seaside and riverside environment to discuss the choice of outdoor led display.

The most notable features of the seaside and riverside environment are high humidity, strong wind, strong ultraviolet rays, and easy water ingress.

1. Humidity

In the later use process, excessive humidity will cause the PCB board, power supply, power cord and other components of the led display to be more likely to be oxidized and corroded, resulting in failure. So this requires us to do a good job of anti-corrosion treatment of the PCB board, such as coating. The power supply and power cord should use high quality materials. The welding place is the most likely to be corroded, pay attention to the protection work. Especially the frame is easy to rust, it is best to do anti-rust treatment.

2. Wind

Excessive wind power will most directly affect the installation of the led display. Therefore, before installing the display screen, it is necessary to do a good analysis of the wind force and fully consider the wind factor.

3. Ultraviolet rays

Stronger ultraviolet rays are more likely to cause the aging of the led display surface, thereby reducing its life. When making masks, choosing excellent materials will help resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

4. Waterproof

The usual waterproofing mainly considers rainwater, while the waterproofing of special environments such as seaside and riverside should be considered more comprehensive, and waterproof measures should be taken from all directions.

5. Viewing Angle

This is an easily overlooked factor. In the seaside and riverside environment, the viewing angle is usually relatively wide and the audience is relatively wide. When choosing the outdoor led screen product, it is necessary to fully consider its main audience to determine the requirements for the viewing angle of the led display.

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