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Advantages and Applications of Curved LED Screen

2020-08-14 www.myddisplay.com

Traditional led screens are mostly flat, but they have limitations in special occasions. With the advent of curved led display screens on the market, people have begun to pay attention to this new type of led screen. So what are the advantages of this curved led screen over the traditional flat led screen? Which fields are it suitable for?

Meiyad P2.5 Curved LED Video Wall Used in Russia Bank

Meiyad P2.5 Curved LED Video Wall Used in Russia Bank 11040mm * 6000mm

Advantages of Curved LED Display:

1. Better Visual Experience

The human eyeball is convex with a certain arc, and the arc of the curved led screen can ensure that the eye sees the screen and is equally transmitted to the human eye. The same is true for TVs and display screens. Curved screens can bring a better sensory experience. A consistent sensory experience can be achieved regardless of whether it is in the center or not.

Meiyad P2.5 Curved LED Display Used in Singapore Hera

Meiyad P2.5 Curved LED Display Used in Singapore Hera

2. More Flexible

Most of the screens of TVs, tablets, and notebooks are now flat. However, if you want to make a watch, the flat screen may be very limited. At this time, the curved led screen can give full play to its flexibility, and it can create some specific arcs to meet product needs. Similarly, many large commercial squares have also adopted transitional all-round curved led display screens, which can help advertisers make better use of space and accurately convey information to more people.

Applications of Curved LED Screen:

1. The home furnishing field. At present, there are curved TVs that are already commercially available, and they will have a significant impact on the "smart home" in the future, realizing curved display control in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen appliances, and even bathrooms.

2. Smart mobile devices. For example, mobile phones, watches, portable mobile devices, etc., curved screens can make product design more imaginative. If the curved led display can be realized freely, it means that the folding led screen will also be realized.

Meiyad P4 Curved LED Screen Used in Luxembourg Bar

3. Construction and advertising. At present, most of the more common outdoor curved led displays are composed of countless led screens or multi led screens splicing. If a better curved led display method appears in the future, it may be possible to greatly reduce the customization cost.

4. Cinema. Cinema screens are also slowly reforming. Now curved screens are still only a minority, and they are likely to be widely used in the future. After all, true curved led screens will achieve clearer and sharper picture quality and restore real scenes.

5. Conference venue. If a giant led screen is placed in a conference hall that can accommodate thousands of people, it means that the led screen must be curved, and they may be used in meetings, or they may be used in concerts.

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