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Front Maintenance And Rear Maintenance LED Display, Which Is Better?

2020-07-07 www.myddisplay.com

There are two main maintenance methods for led display screens: front maintenance and rear maintenance. Rear maintenance is widely used in large led displays on the exterior walls of buildings, requiring repair channels to facilitate maintenance personnel to perform maintenance and repair from the back of the led screen. The overall technical requirements are high, the installation is cumbersome and time-consuming. For indoor compact applications with small space or wall-mounted installation, this is obviously not a suitable choice.

With the rise of small pixel pitch led displays, the front maintenance indoor led displays have gradually dominated the market. It refers to the magnetic element and the led display cabinet are fixed by magnetic adsorption. During operation, the suction cup directly contacts the surface of the led display for front maintenance, so that the led module is removed from the cabinet to achieve front maintenance. This front-maintenance method can make the overall structure of the led display thin and light, integrate with the surrounding architectural environment, and highlight the indoor visual expression ability.

Meiayd Front Maintenance LED Display

Meiayd Front Maintenance LED Display

Compared with rear maintenance, the advantage of front maintenance led screen is mainly to save space, realize greater utilization of environmental space, and reduce the difficulty of rear maintenance work. No maintenance channels need to be reserved for front maintenance, independent front maintenance is supported, and the maintenance space on the back of the led display is saved. It does not need to disassemble the wire, supports rapid maintenance work, and disassembly is simpler and more convenient. The front maintenance efficiency is high and the cost is low.

Relatively speaking, rear maintenance is not undesirable. Its price is slightly lower, suitable for rooftop and other installation scenarios, and the inspection and maintenance efficiency is high. Due to different application scenarios, you can choose these two maintenance methods according to actual needs.

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