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Meiyad Tell You How to Choose the Right LED Display?

2020-01-11 www.myddisplay.com

In the future, led displays will develop in a direction of higher definition and more stability. P8 and P6 led displays are expected to replace P10 as the main force. If the led display is installed indoors, P2.5 / P3 / P4 / P5 / P6 / P8 are usually used. P2.5 and P3 belong to ultra-clear led display, P4 and P5 belong to ordinary HD led display, P6 and P8 belong to the conventional definition led screen.

From 2008 to 2012, P10 and P16 full color outdoor led displays were mainstream products, accounting for 70% of the outdoor full color led screen market. After 2013, due to the low price of P10 / P8 full color LED screen, sales have made a qualitative leap. In particular, P10 led displays occupy almost 80% of the market.

Outdoor P6 LED Display in Italy

Outdoor P6 LED Display in Italy 14.4m * 1.92m

From the perspective of sales, indoor led displays are mainly concentrated in P4 / P5 / P6. Like outdoor led screens, high definition  and stability are also the future development directions of indoor led displays. We can clearly see that the prices of indoor SMD led screens have fallen sharply in recent years. Once the prices of P2.5 / P3 / P4 led screen have dropped to a certain level, the market for P5 / P6 / P8 will be very small. Therefore, if you order an indoor led display now, you can increase your budget slightly and lock your eyes on the P2.5 / P3 / P4 led displays. This will ensure that they will not be left behind or eliminated by the market for a longer period of time in the future.

Indoor P4 LED Screen in Italy 2048mm * 768m

Indoor P4 LED Screen in Italy 2048mm * 768m

So, how do users choose the right led display?

For outdoor led screen: If the area is less than 10 sqm, P6 HD outdoor led screen is recommended. If the area is less than 20 sqm, P8 led display is recommended. If the area is about 20-100 sqm and the viewing distance is 10 meters, it is recommended to use P10 full color led display.

Outdoot P10 LED Billboard in Salvador

Outdoot P10 LED Billboard in Salvador 24 sqm

If the area is more than 100 sqm and the viewing distance is 30 meters, a P16 led display can be considered. P20 and P25 are suitable for customers who do not require high definition, large display area, and can display simple images and video pictures.

For indoor led screen: The area is within 6 sqm, and the viewing distance is about 2m, choose P2.5 led screen. The viewing distance is about 3m, choose P3 led display. The area is more than 10 square meters, and the viewing distance is about 3m or 4 m, choose P4 indoor led display. Viewing distance is 6m, P5 led screen is recommended. More than 20 square meters, the viewing distance is 7m, choose P6 led display. The viewing distance is 10m, P8 LED display is recommended.

Indoor P3 LED Screen in Argentina

Indoor P3 LED Screen in Argentina 3.456m * 2.304m

Finally, it depends on the specific use environment of the LED display, which is generally divided into fixed led display and rental LED screen.

Fixed led screen, generally does not need to move, usually using a simple cabinet or sealed standard cabinet. The outside is decorated with aluminum-plastic plate or stainless steel. Rental LED display is commonly used in the performance stage, as a performance background display. This kind of LED display cabinet has high requirements. It needs to use a rental cabinet with an aviation plug and one card per box (one receiving card per box).

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