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How to Calculate the Cost of LED Display?

2020-04-15 www.myddisplay.com

Walking on the outdoor street, the most impressive is the large full color led screen. These large led screens come from different led screen manufacturers, the price and quality is also different. The main factors determining the price of full color led display are as follows:

1. LED lamp. The cost of led lamp accounts for 30%~70% of the total price of full color led display. LED lamp is the most important component of led screen. There are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of led lamp per square meter of led screen. There are two types of led lamps, DIP and SMD. DIP is mainly used for full color outdoor led screens with high brightness. SMD is mainly used for high density indoor led display.

Different brands of led lamp, the price will be different. High-end brands include American Cree, Japan Nichia, etc. These brands are reliable in quality, good stability, high brightness, and expensive. The most used in China is Silan, Epistar, etc., which is cost-effective and acceptable to most users.

2. The cabinet structure. The cabinet structure comprises simple cabinet and waterproof cabinet. The simple cabinet is the cheapest and no need waterproof design.

3. Steel structure. Affected by factors such as installation location, installation method, LED screen size, frame structure and other factors, especially when making outdoor led advertising screens, project prices vary greatly due to the construction environment. The price structure of steel structure includes steel materials, reprocessing of steel materials, welding labor and auxiliary materials. The quotation of steel materials and reprocessing of materials are based on weight. If the column is installed, the price of the steel and civil engineering of the column must also be calculated.

4. Other ancillary equipment. Such as power supply, control system, audio, heat dissipation equipment, wire and various accessories for making full color led display.

5. The Years of after-sales service. At present, most led display manufacturers provide free after-sales service for one or two years. If your full color led display has high requirements, you can apply the manufacturer to provide free service for three, five, or even longer, so that your led products are more secure and more reliable to use.

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