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The Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

2019-12-27 www.myddisplay.com

Outdoor led display refers to the led display specially used outdoors. The area is generally between tens of square meters to several hundred square meters. The brightness is relatively high. It can work in the sun. The indoor led display is used indoors. What is the difference between the outdoor led display and the indoor led display?

1. The use environment is different

Indoor LED displays generally do not need to be waterproof and fireproof. Outdoor LED displays are mostly used in large outdoor squares, such as government squares, leisure squares, business centers, advertising information boards, commercial streets, and train stations, etc., which need to be waterproof.

P4 Indoor LED Display in Indonesia

P4 Indoor LED Display in Indonesia

2. Different brightness requirements

Strong outdoor light leads to higher brightness requirements for outdoor LED display. Outdoor LED displays are generally placed in direct sunlight. If the brightness is not properly processed, or if reflections occur, the viewing effect will be affected.

P10 Outdoor LED Display in Salvador

P10 Outdoor LED Display in Salvador

3. Different viewing distances

The higher the pixels, the clearer the display and the larger the amount of information that can be contained, so the closer the viewing distance is. The requirement for pixel density in outdoor is not as high as indoor, because the observation is far away, the pixel density is low, and the pixel pitch is larger than indoor.

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