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Five Major Accessories of Full Color LED Display

2019-12-05 www.myddisplay.com

Let me introduce you five major accessories of full color led display: power supply, led cabinet, led module, control system and video splicer.

1. Power Supply

The stability of the power supply determines the quality of the led display. The power supply required for the led display is calculated based on the power of the led module. Different models have different needs.

LED Display Power Supply

2. Cabinet

According to the size of the led screen, multiple led modules form an led cabinet, and multiple cabinets are assembled into an led screen. The led cabinet is professionally made, with simple cabinet and waterproof cabinet.

Meiyad Outdoor P4.81 LED Cabinet

3. LED Module

The led module is composed of kit, frame and mask, etc. The full color led screen is composed of led modules, which is the large led screen we now see.

Meiyad P2.976 Outdoor LED Module

4. Control system:

The control system is an important part of the led display. The video is transmitted to the receiving card of the led display through the sending card and the graphics card, and then the signal is transmitted to the hub board in sections by the receiving card. The transfer board (also called a hub board) is installed on the receiving card. The receiving card transmits data to the hub board, and then the data on the hub board is transmitted to the led module through the flat cable.

The LED modules are connected to data through the flat cable. Generally, a hub board only has 8 sockets, which means that a hub board can only manage the data transmission of 8 rows or 8 columns of led modules.

If there are more rows or columns, you can add a hub board to the receiving card. The algorithm of receiving card for indoor led display is different from that of outdoor led display. Because the pixels and scanning methods of indoor led screen and outdoor led screen are different, there are differences in receiving card. LED display control and debugging are mainly related to the led display control system.

5. Video splicer

Video splicer is a high-tech device that divides a complete image signal into N blocks and assigns them to N video display units. It can use multiple ordinary video units to form a large screen dynamic image display screen, which can support simultaneous reception of multiple video devices. The video splicer can realize the combination of multiple physical outputs into a super high resolution display output with superimposed resolution, so that the screen wall constitutes a super high resolution, super high brightness, super large display screen.

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