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Creative LED Display is an Important Trend in the Future

2019-06-11 www.myddisplay.com

At the three international led exhibitions in 2019, we can see that creative led display is still an important trend in the future development of the industry. The creative led display is in the ascendant, how will led display manufacturers do?

Tunnel Creative LED Display

In order not to fall into the quagmire of price wars, some led display manufacturers are seeking more profit margins and seeking new ways to start exploring creative led displays.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, the construction of smart cities continues to rise, which provides a good environment for the gestation of creative led display.

Christmas Tree Creative LED Display

LED display manufacturers explored the creative led display, first made changes in the "shape", they have changed the shape of the square led module. Creative LED displays such as triangle led screens, circular led screens, flexible led screens and sector led displays were born at this time.

Meiyad Flexible LED Screen

Circular LED Screen for Logo

Triangle LED Screen

Circular LED Screen Consists of Sector LED Screen

The change in the shape of the LED display has attracted people's attention and also occupied a certain market. With the continuous maturity of LED display technology, the emerging display market demand continues to emerge, AR/VR, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, LED display has been moved from the public display to a deeper level of creative display.

The prospect of the creative led display market is infinite, and more and more manufacturers will flood into the creative led display. In the future, the competition for creative LED displays will continue to increase and profits will continue to decrease. In order to have a longer-term development in the creative led display market, creative led display manufacturers need to explore deeper creative displays, and creative display manufacturers need to move from a single idea to a system-integrated creative display. In order to complete such a creative transformation, led display manufacturers are required to conduct integration and have more exchanges and cooperation with other industries.

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