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The Trend of Seamless LED Display

2019-06-12 www.myddisplay.com

Seamless splicing technology is a special and demanding projection display application, which can realize the splicing technology in which multi-screen images are fused together and the splicing gap is minimized to completely coincide.

At present, China's large-screen splicing system, many screens still have many stitching seams in the work. For example, the LCD splicing system, the gap is too large, can not meet the needs of users. The plasma and back projection large-screen splicing system has more advantages than the LCD splicing technology. But from the perspective of its visual effect, there are still a large number of dividing lines. Even if LCD, DLP, and PDP technologies are applied in engineering, only the gap can be reduced, and it cannot be completely eliminated. The seamless LED display splicing technology can completely solve the problem of screen segmentation and achieve full seamlessness.

Meiyad P1.875 Seamless LED Display

In the application of seamless LED splicing technology, ultra-quiet thermal processing technology is adopted. In the design of the seamless LED system, the redundancy of the power supply and the signal is backed up, which can reduce the problems in the use process. LEDs have a long life span compared to conventional displays, and their maintenance and repair costs are relatively low.

Meiyad P3 Seamless LED Screen

The application of seamless led technology will effectively handle the situation where the brightness of the spliced large led screen and the chromaticity attenuation are different. In this technique, point-by-point luminance and chrominance correction techniques are generally employed, which ensures uniformity of luminance and chrominance. For example, the application of point control technology creates a platform for the user to correct the chromaticity and brightness point by point, and controls the pixels of the screen to achieve high image restoration. This technology also has SMS and E-mail prompt function, which enables the user to grasp the status information of the video wall in time.

Meiyad P3 Seamless LED Display

In summary, the seamless splicing technology is a big leap-forward development in the led display industry, which comprehensively solves the seamless splicing defects that other display devices cannot complete, and at the same time achieves energy saving and environmental protection, intensive display, increased service life, and is an indispensable technology in the led industry.

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