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Analysis of the Hotel LED Display Price Composition

2019-02-26 www.myddisplay.com

In the weddings, company celebrations and celebrations held by the hotel, large led screens are generally indispensable, good display and visual effects, which add a lot to the atmosphere of the live event. It is very necessary to choose a high quality hotel led display, and how much do you know about the price of the hotel led display? Below, Meiyad will answer your questions.

The price of the hotel led display includes: led screen, peripheral equipment, steel structure and wiring, and other cost.

Meiyad P3.91 Hotel LED Display

1. LED Screen Part

The cost of LED screens accounts for more than 70% of the total investment of the project.

The led screen body is composed of LED modules, powers, led cabinets, cables, power cables.

The sending card and receiving card. The sending card packs the image information and sends it to the receiving card, and performs image processing after the receiving card is unpacked. The control panel area of each receiving card is fixed and related to the pixel points.

A dedicated graphics card for LED displays, like a computer graphics card, displays graphic images.

LED player software, this is provided free of charge. A synchronous control system is generally used.

2. Peripherals

The basic accessories are: computer (desktop computer), video processor, air conditioner (cooling is very important), distribution box, audio amplifier (optional), function card (can automatically adjust the display temperature, brightness, humidity and other physical data), etc.

Meiyad P4 Indoor LED Display Used in Hotel

3. Steel structure and wiring

Hotel led display installation methods are divided into: wall-mounted, mosaic. This is not the rental led screen installation method, it is fixed by the steel structure. Others include engineering wiring, communication display, cable, etc.

4. Other costs

Hotel LED display packaging, shipping costs. Finally, the installation and commissioning costs can be requested by the local construction company and team. You can also enjoy the installation and service of Meiyad's engineers. We will send the most experienced and technically competent engineer to the installation site to assist with the installation, providing one-to-one or one-to-many expertise until the learning to ensure the led display is ok.

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