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How to Choose and Customize the Hotel LED Display?

2019-02-27 www.myddisplay.com

1. How to choose the hotel led display?

If the viewing distance is relatively close, about 6 meters, we should consider the led display screen accuracy, the display effect, the ease of installation and other issues, you can choose P5 indoor led display. If the display requirements are very high, the first consideration is the P2.5 indoor led display. Both the audience and the performers on the stage can clearly see the led screen. When the budget cost is overrun, consider the indoor P4 full color led display, but the display effect is very different in the range of 4 meters of viewing distance, P2.5 will be more high-definition.

Meiyad P4 Indoor LED Display Used in Hotel

2. How to customize the hotel led display?

Before customizing the hotel led display, you need to provide the following information:

1. Installation place: indoor or outdoor.

2. Installation method: wall, floor or column.

3. Application, what are the special playback requirements?

4. Product: If you do not know, you can consult our sales staff.

5. Installation site photos: it is best to provide photos and the viewing distance.

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