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How to Design a Concert Rental LED Screen?

2019-02-22 www.myddisplay.com

A good concert rental led screen not only gives the audience a good visual experience, but also adds to the overall theme of the stage. I will tell you how to design a concert rental led screen.

1. According to the framework of the stage, the concert rental led screen is the main body, and the position of the light is left around the screen of each unit.

This kind of stage is very common, and the stage structure of the stage is built in depth. The LED screen is suspended on the stage frame, and the computer light is hung between the screen and the screen. It is the depth and patchwork of the screen that makes the depth of the picture longer, resulting in a strong perspective, and with so much space for hanging and playing the lights on the side, the whole stage is also a good atmosphere. And the dynamic, also expressed the theme of this party. However, the stage structure will appear to be relatively simple and not vivid.

2. Using the concert rental led screen as the "center" of the stage, or the background of the stage, plus the real scene in front.

In the 2012 CCTV Mid-Autumn Evening Party, the design was even more subtle. In the sky over Fuzhou's ancient buildings, a large moon was built with the stage rental LED display. The evening was the stage before the building, and the building was used as the background. The moon was used as the main element of the performance. The stage design concept is clever, so that the stage rental LED display is integrated with the real scene, in line with the theme of the party. Moreover, the sense of form and three-dimensionality of the stage is very strong, and there is enough space for the lighting. Such a stage is in line with the traditional aesthetic concept and adds modern technological elements.

large rental led screen

3. The large led screen is used as the whole stage of the concert stage design. The large led screen design is the background and the side curtain. The space time in the scene makes the large led screen complete, and the actors do the physical performance.

This kind of scene is used in many places, of course, it has its benefits, saves money and saves money. A video screen can bring out the whole form of the program, especially some local TV stations, bought a large LED screen, saving a lot of money.

However, this will make the whole stage very conceptual. Today, we will play the rural scene and change the background to the picture of the farmhouse. To play the city tomorrow, change the picture of the tall buildings, and move the music to the stage, and put a dynamic abstract pattern. Without the characteristics of the stage, the LED stage is also very thin and has no three-dimensional effect. When the audience is slightly angled, they will see a plane, and maybe some reflection.

In the long run, the stage is the whole and the atmosphere, but from a close distance, the LED rental screen of the concert will inevitably appear grainy and impractical, leading to separation, and still lack of lighting design.

Therefore, the above three common design forms have their own advantages and disadvantages, and which method should be combined with the concert scene and the stage environment.

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