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Analysis of LED Display Control System Industry (Part 1)

2018-12-12 www.myddisplay.com

The control system of LED display is divided into synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous control system is almost developed along with the development of LED display. The technology is mature and the market acceptance is high. The asynchronous control system develops late, the operation is flexible, and it also has its own application area. In the future, whether it is a synchronous or asynchronous control system, it is necessary to continuously improve the performance and help the LED display products to a higher level.

The development of LED displays in China is staggering,especially in the field of information spreading. Promoting the development of LED display is inevitably the behind silent supporting of LED parts. From the continuous updating of materials, the improvement of gray level, the reality of color performance and the diversification of calibration technology, all reflect the promoting effect of LED display control system to the display.

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As an important segment of the LED display industry chain, it is necessary to understand the technical level and market trends of the control system, and it is also an important task to promote the development of the industry. In order to comprehensively and centrally understand what the current control system manufacturers think and do, we specially plans a theme of  "LED display control system ", which is expected to get the industry's response.

Generally speaking, a good LED display requires not only high quality LEDs, good driver ICs, and excellent material accessories, but also one of the most core components is the control system. Choosing a suitable control system can help LED display products to display more perfect images and broadcast videos.

LED display control System, also known as LED display controller, LED display control card, can be divided into asynchronous control system and synchronous control system. The LED display control system mainly focuses on the business needs of customers, and adopts centralized control and unified management to combine various media files such as pictures, slides, animations, audio, video and scrolling subtitles into multimedia programs and transmit them to digital media through the network. The digital media controller then performs orderly playback and control on the corresponding display device according to the control rules, and inserts various instant information such as news, pictures, emergency notifications, etc. at any time, and transmits the latest information to the audience in the first time.

The development of control systems has accompanied with LED displays. In the early days when the single color LED display was booming, the synchronous control system was already in its infancy. After 2000, the LED display synchronous control system has begun to occupy the display field. After more than 10 years of development, most of the LED displays on the market currently use synchronous control systems. Relatively speaking, the asynchronous control system started late and experienced a long incubation period until the current full color LED display became popular, and the asynchronous control system gradually become popular.

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