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Analysis of LED Display Control System Industry (Part 2)

2018-12-13 www.myddisplay.com

Technically speaking, the synchronous control system is relatively mature, and the market share in the conventional LED display field is much higher than that of the asynchronous control system. The asynchronous control system is slightly lacking in processing performance and stability, and has been continuously improved in recent years. With the quality requirements of the LED display and the improvement of the broadcast effect, the LED display control system has also made considerable progress. In the synchronous control system, the technical indicators such as gray level, signal processing and refresh rate have been greatly improved, and there has been some improvement in reliability.

LED display used for the long term time, the loss of brightness and chromaticity and the difference gradually appear, which affects the display playback function. In order to ensure the consistent playback effect of the LED display, the control system manufacturers are also working hard, perform related work of brightness correction and chromaticity correction, or jointly develop corresponding solutions with professional calibration manufacturers. Compared with synchronous control systems, asynchronous control systems use chromaticity correction systems and performance indicators such as high refresh rate and high brightness still have some differents,and improvements are needed in the future.

Outdoor Flexible LED Display

At present, China's LED display control system manufacturers are difficult to count, and their competition is much lower than that of LED display manufacturers. However, due to their narrow market share and relatively limited technology, it is determined to be a specific segment of the industry chain of LED display.

As the LED display industry continues to develop new markets, displays in various subdivisions place provided higher demands on control systems. For example, high density and small pitch LED display is an emerging market with strong development momentum in recent years. The reduction of dot pitch has challenged various devices such as driver ICs and control systems. In the future, synchronous and asynchronous control system manufacturers also need further improve performance and help the perfect display of LED display.

In a period of time, the synchronous system and the asynchronous system will continue to exist each other. The asynchronous market space is indispensable, although it is small. Just as the emergence of IPad is not a substitute for laptops, it is also a new highlight on the market that cannot be ignored. In the future, synchronous control systems and asynchronous control systems may be combined to some extent, and the two will be united with each other to complement each other, and even new products with both optimal characteristics will emerge. This is just like the fact that Ipad is a product between mobile phones and computers. It is a combination of the advantages between the two, and it is also a product that conform to the law of development.

In addition, with the development of computer network technology, LED display screens are used more and more in the network environment. In the information display system composed of multimedia and multiple display devices, intelligent network control and networked control multi screen technology are adopted, it is also applied in practice.

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