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Functional Requirements for Stadium LED Display

2018-12-11 www.myddisplay.com

As the necessary supporting hardware for sports venues and sports events, LED display screens can benefit from it, and more importantly, it provides the most reliable guarantee in terms of stability, safety and operability. What are the important points to pay attention to during the installation and use of LED display screens? What kind of LED display should be selected for different stadiums?

1. The role of LED display in sports events:

1) Except for special circumstances, more than 95% of the audience who have officially fixed seats in the venue should meet the maximum viewing distance requirements.

2) The athletes, coaches and referees at the competition site (except for the referee on the spot in the diving competition) can easily and clearly see the contents displayed on the LED screen.

Perimeter Stadium LED Display

2. Reliability of the LED display in the stadium

The reliability of the stadium LED display shall comply with the requirements of 5.10 of SJ/T11141-2003.

3. Safety protection for stadium LED display

1) The safety requirements for the stadium LED display shall comply with the requirements of 5.4 of SJ/T11141-2003.

2) The LED display screen in the stadium shall be powered separately and shall comply with the requirements of 5.8 of SJ/T11141-2003. The construction acceptance of the LED display cable line of the stadium shall comply the requirements of GB50168 and GB50171. The quality of the project should comply the requirements of GB50303.

3) Devices containing polymer materials in the stadium LED display (including: LED module frame, LED module filler glue, PCB board, power cord jacket, etc.) need to be flame retardant materials.

4)The stadium LED display should have smoke, lightning protection, automatic fire alarm and automatic screen off function. The power distribution cabinet should have overload protection function, leakage protection function and step-by-step power-on function.

4. The maximum viewing distance and character height of the stadium LED display

1)The maximum viewing distance and character height calculation formula (see formula (1)> is: H = k×d, formula: H is maximum viewing distance, the unit is m; k -viewing distance coefficient, generally take 345; d - character Height, the unit is m.

2)The LED display structure of the swimming pool and diving hall with independent structure is at least 0.2m, and the LED display of the swimming diving hall with integrated structure is at least 0.28m.

5. Optical performance of stadium LED display

1) Visual

The horizontal viewing angle of the stadium LED display screen is not less than 1500, the vertical upper viewing angle is not less than 100, and the lower viewing angle is not less than 200.

2) Contrast ratio


When the background illumination is less than 20lx, the contrast ratio of the LED display should be 100e1.

3) White field chromaticity coordinate

The white field chromaticity coordinates can be adjusted within the color temperature of 5000K-9500K according to the use environment. According to the CIE1931 chromaticity  system, the tolerance is Δx∣≦0.030, ∣Δy∣≦0.030.

4) Brightness uniformity

The unevenness of the stadium LED display should be less than 10%.

6. Display control to stadium LED display

1) The rolling timing of the sport competition can be displayed in real time.

2) The sport competition results can be scrolling display.

3) The sport competition results can be displayed by turning the page.

4) The displayed text content can be switched automatically and manually.

5) For LED displays with graphic and video display functions, text and pictures, animations, and live broadcast images should be automatically and manually switched between each other.

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