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Characteristics of Full Color LED Display

2018-10-29 www.myddisplay.com

1. The main features of full color LED display

The full color LED display is a kind of LED display. Its main features are:

1) Rich in color: composed of three primary color (red, green, blue) display unit plates, red, green and blue each 256 levels of gray to form 16,777,216 colors, so that the electronic screen achieves rich color display, high saturation, high resolution, dynamic image of high frequency display.

2) Good effect: using nonlinear correction technology, the image is clearer and the layering is stronger.

3) High reliability: using distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, reliability and stability are higher.

4) Super detection function: real-time detection of whether the pixel points in the LED screen are invalid, and the working state of the pixel is remotely transmitted.

5) The new mask design makes the light emitted by the LED almost zero reflection, ensuring the display effect of the LED screen.

6) High flatness: The flatness coefficient of the cabinet is <0.5mm,and the power factor is as high as 88% or more.

7) Diversified input signals: support for stage signals such as RF, S-VIDIEO, RGBTV, YUT, YC, COMPOSITION.

8) High waterproof performance: waterproof rubber on the back of the LED module,high-quality imported glue on the front for filling.

9) Durability: It adopts high-temperature spraying technology to greatly improve the anti-rust function. the LED module is guaranteed for ten years,the mask is not reflective, it is resistant to ultraviolet rays,and it does not fade for five years.

Flexible Full Color LED Display

2. Selection of matching product materials for full color LED display

1)LED lamp and chips

The LED lamp is not only an LED tube, but also a key component of the LED electronic display. Therefore, it is necessary to use a reliable and well-packaged LED product. The selected LED products must have good stability, small dispersion, HBM greater than 4000V, low attenuation amplitude, high voltage resistance, brightness, wavelength,  angle  with high consistency, good light distribution, and can withstand temperature differences, humidity and UV requirements.

2) Cabinet

The whole steel plate or aluminum is used, and the door opening structure is adopted. The top of the cabinet is made of pins and the bottom is made of guide sleeves to ensure precise positioning between the cabinets. The overall protection of the cabinet complies with the IP65 standard, and the structure must fully consider the heat dissipation problem.

3) switching power supply

The LED display power supply adopts the famous brand switching power supply module that has passed the certification. All switching power supplies have undergone rigorous testing, screening and aging. Ensure full compliance with international safety and quality certification requirements to meet the long-term stability and reliability of the display. Under rated operating conditions, ensure that the service life is greater than 10 years.

4) Connector

Connectors are important connecting devices in the system. High quality connector products should be used to ensure the thickness of the pure gold plating of the connector and maintain the best electrical connection performance. Ensure the system's good electrical connection performance under high temperature and high humidity environment, which can make the system run stably and reliably for a long time.

5) Circuit board

The circuit board is made of flame-retardant epoxy sheet, with reasonable design layout and trace specification to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and circuit stability. Processing manufacturers should choose products produced by well-known manufacturers.

6) Drive chip IC

The drive circuit adopts the constant current drive chip of international famous brand. Maintaining high-precision constant current output and high reliability over a wide temperature range results in significant improvements in LED display uniformity and reliability. The main materials of the LED display system should be certified by CE, FCC, UL, CCC, ISO9000, etc. It is believed that if we do the above, adhering to reliable supporting facilities materials and professional R&D design technology will definitely reduce the failure rate of the LED display, and greatly improve the reliability and stability of the LED display.

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