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The Difference Between Stage Rental LED Screen and Traditional LED Screen

2018-07-24 www.myddisplay.com

1. Different type selection:

The stage rental led screen has a relatively high requirement for the display of the beauty of the stage, and visual effect of the display screen must be clear. In general, adopting  models P3 and P4 of high-definition LED display screens in indoor environment. Even more stringent, small pitch P2.5, P2 and other products are used. Using models P6 and P5 in outdoor environment. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screens are generally models P6 and P5 due to the long viewing distance or low display requirements. The P10 is the most used outdoors, followed by the P16. And indoor LED display are made by surface mounting technology, usually use plug-in lights technology for outdoor products, but sometimes also use surface-mount products. We has launched five kinds of box series products, covering all mainstream models which including P3, P4 , P4.81, P3.91, etc on the current  rental market.

Meiyad Stage Rental LED Screen

2. Different between cabinets

Generally, the traditional outdoor LED display screens are all waterproof cabinets, and the structure is relatively heavy. The indoor LED display screens are also simple cabinets; The die-cast aluminum cabinets are usually used at present for the stage rental led screens, and the structure is light and stable, and the stability is high. It is easy to install and disassemble at any time, suitable for holding concerts, stage performances and other activities.

3. Installation methods

The stage rental led screen is easy to disassemble and install. For example, after a concert, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screens are usually fixed installation methods. After the installation position is fixed, they will not move easily.

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