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Key Factors in Creating LED Display Screen Content

2018-07-02 www.myddisplay.com

Without a doubt, video walls look cool, but ad features, including duration, legibility, and motion, can be either an asset or a liability to an LED video wall display. If the content isn’t thought through or expertly created, the novelty will quickly fade. Professionally created, captivating content is necessary to achieve LED display screen success. More, content determines what hardware will be needed. Prior to purchasing an LED video wall, it’s important to take in to account several factors.

Meiyad P3.91 Rental LED Display Screen

First, the resolution of an LED video wall is influenced by its size, and can greatly affect content strategy. The larger the size, the lower the resolution. Therefore, content should be Pixel-perfect to the screen’s physical resolution. For example, take an LED wall made of 30 3.9mm LED panels, positioned 10-wide and 3-tall. If each panel is 500mm by 1000mm, and each panel has a physical pixel resolution of 128 x 256, the total wall resolution will be 1280 x 768, making it a 2 x 2 wall with a 4K display that requires 4K (not HD) images and videos. These varying elements must be taken in to consideration when choosing the right images for a LED display screen.

Secondly, knowing the typical viewing distance is crucial – creating text too small to be read, or so large that it’s blurry, is a common mistake. In addition, color contrast increases legibility as well. An experienced content designer knows the correct sizes, styles, and sharpness to create the most effective, compelling LED digital signage.

Third, while the average TV commercial is 30 to 40 seconds long, video wall audiences are usually in motion themselves. Ad content should be edited accordingly, lasting no more than 10 to 15 seconds each.

Finally, the key to any video wall’s success is continuous originality. Ads that are constantly displayed tend to be ignored over time. Including fresh daily content, such as weather, fun facts, or random quotes, will increase eye traffic, and can even generate chatter about a video wall.

The bottom line is that resolution, legibility, color contrast, pixel pitch, content and duration must all be factored in when making decisions about a video wall. Meiyad, a China-based LED manufacturer, offers creative solutions, reliable products, and dependable service for our industry-leading LED display screen technologies and solutions. At Meiyad, we strive to fully fathom how each display will be used to provide quality LED wall solutions that creatively embrace our client’s objectives.

To learn more about how Meiyad, the LED solutions provider, can make your vision a reality, visit us at www.myddisplay.com today!

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