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LED Digital Display is Meaningful for Hotel Guests

2018-06-29 www.myddisplay.com

The hospitality industry is highly competitive. Any advantage possible is needed to ensure that guests have a positive experience from the moment they walk through the door. Studies have shown that it only takes a few minutes for a guest to develop an impression of the hotel that can positively or negatively affect the entirety of their stay. While steps like improving front desk service to ensure smooth check-ins or leaving welcome packages for guests are certainly important, hotels are seeking new ways to compete with the growing number of overnight alternatives like AirBNB, as well as traditional competitors.

For many, LED signage solutions provide an opportunity to improve the overall guest experience in a visually engaging way. A video wall in the main lobby, for instance, can be utilized to remind guests about upcoming events, give advice on local tourism attractions, and even function as an opportunity for paid advertising. Some hotels have begun establishing a live social media feed that displays pictures and posts from their guests based on a hashtag, providing a unique way to connect with guests while simultaneously reaching a much wider audience via social media.

Meiyad LED Digital Display in Cambodia

On a purely utilitarian level, digital signage can be placed strategically throughout the hotel to provide guests with easy to follow directions. Whether they are trying to find their room or the quickest route to the pool, having interactive LED displays will avoid the frustration guests can face when they find themselves wandering around without any idea of where to go. For hotels that host large conferences, this technology also offers the added benefit of displaying the day’s itinerary with unique, event-specific branding.

As the customer base for the tourism industry becomes more tech savvy, having amenities that cater to their preferences is increasingly important. Digital displays can advertise a hotel’s lesser known premium services, and even advertise options for room upgrades that customers may not have otherwise been aware of. Not only that, beautifully designed video displays are an aesthetic advantage to help draw in new clientele. Adding in an interactive option to your displays also provides the ability to implement a digital kiosk based check-in service. As odd as it may sound, adding this simple service actually draws in new customers, with surveys finding that over a third of guests prefer hotels that offer a simpler, technology-driven check-in option.

As the hospitality industry undergoes rapid technological changes, hotels have to adapt to stay ahead of current trends. By integrating digital LED display solutions into multiple facets of their day-to-day operations, hotel managers can vastly improve the overall customer experience. With industry leading technology, Meiyad provides hotels with easy to use, intuitive LED display solutions that provide a much needed advantage over the competition.

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