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What Is The Price of A Large LED Screen?

2018-07-26 www.myddisplay.com

What is the price of a large LED screen? This must be understood clearly before purchasing the LED display. However, many of my friends are still unfamiliar with this issue, which caused them to spend a lot of money on the purchase of LED large screen. In order to let everyone avoid detours and spend less, we tells everyone about the price of LED big screen.

The price of the LED large screen is mainly composed of the price of the screen, the control system, the cooling fan or the cost of other components of the air conditioner.

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1. The cost of LED large screen  is generally calculated according to the amount of price per square meter. The display model and materials used are different, and the quotation will be different. The screen body quotation generally includes a complete set of LED large screen required chip, module circuit board, IC driver, module power supply, cabinet and plastic mask, and all the cables, connecting lines, etc. inside the display screen. Under the same area, the smaller the pixel pitch, the more chips are used, and the higher the LED screen price. Of course, the higher the price, the better the quality, the better the use of chips and other materials, the price naturally rise.

2. Air conditioning, LED large screen cooling equipment to ensure the normal operation of the screen and extend the life of the display components. Generally, the indoor screen or small area display can be used. The large-area indoor LED display is strongly recommended to be equipped with a wall-mounted air conditioner to effectively cool down, ensure the normal operation of the display at high temperatures, reduce the failure rate and extend the service life. In order to make the performance of the LED large screen more stable, air conditioning is indispensable.

3. Control computer is the necessary equipment to control the LED large screen. Configuration requirements: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or more discrete graphics, mainboard with PCI slot, LED big screen price is closely related.

4. In addition to the above, power distribution cabinets and other accessories are also among the LED large screen prices, but the proportion is small, basically negligible.

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